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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've noticed a spike in visitors in the last couple of days, which was quickly explained by checking my stats. The search term 'Vanessa+sex' has been plugged into ye ole Google machine with flagrant abandon and moi popped up as a possibility. heh.

While I have posted many times about sex/lovescenes in romance books, and there is some partial nudity on this blog, none of that is what y'all had in mind, I'm sure.
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Biddy said...

Damn!! Well I think I'll stop visiting then :-)

vanessa jaye said...

lol! Oh, no, never that, Biddy. But trust, I do the world a great favour in posting no nudies of *this* Vanessa here. :-P

Gennita said...

I*, OTOH, have no idea why people googling "under kilt" will get an arrow to my blog. ::grin::

vanessa jaye said...

Boggles my mind, too, Gennita. I, erm, think I better investigate. This calls for a thorough review of all the pictures posted on your blog, especially over the last month... ;)

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