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Sunday, September 09, 2007

I was in the old hood recently, so thought I'd pop into the neighbourhood Goodwill to check out their book selection. They have even better prices than the Used Book Stores by 50% or more. I know I should be dedicated to buying *new*, but my budget just can't handle that. Plus, I've gotten a bit too comfortable in bringing back (new) books that haven't worked for me for a full refund. I always feel a little guilty when I do, and also feel like maybe the store is red-flagging my account. *g* But why should I get stuck with a lemon?

I should clarify that I usually know within the first 15 pages or so if I book is not going to work. Most times less pages than that, sometimes I push myself to read as much as the first 50 pages, rarely (as in I can't recall a single instance) that I've changed my mind. I don't always bring the book back. Sometimes I donate it to the book exchange at work (there's a bookshelf up in the company kitchen that you can drop books off, or pick one up, with 250 employees in this one location, that can work out to quite a selection. I've also taken to leaving the bloody books on the public transportation for the next rider to try their luck with. Anywho, the following books represent $137 retail, not including tax, or $26 including tax at Goodwill. If every single one of these books turn out to be DNFs, I'll be less disappointed than if I'd dropped close to $200 (with tax)on them at full retail price. If they turn out to be keepers, or books I'd recommend to others, I'll most likely buy the author's books new next time. If they turn to be just 'okay' reads, at least I won't have such a big mental negative about trying/buying their next book--which is how I feel now, when I return a book for refund. I just don't want to take the chance on them again, unless I hear amazing feedback on them. Even then, that might not overcome my reluctance, because I read mainly for voice. No amount of great plot! & character! is going to compensate for that.

Geez, did I get off topic or what? lol. Here are the books:

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