Here I am, back in The Lost with you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A little paraphrasing, but love that song. :-P

Anywho, I'm officially back to working on The Lost. I really shouldn't have put it aside, and resisted doing so for the longest time, but it was struggle and it seemed to make sense to work on other stuff. But none of that other stuff has really shown any progress, meanwhile, as much as I struggled with The Lost, I was able to choke out at least a page per day.

Yesterday, in between a marathon laundry run (pillow, duvets, as well as bedding done) I took the laptop upstairs away from the TV, the boy, the big picture window overlooking the street, the kitchen, the stereo, ie-- all distractions, and fiddled with The Lost. There was a bunch of stuff I'd downloaded from Quickpad previously, and some cut and past scenes that had to be moved around, but I'm almost at the end of all that and will probably move forward on the Quickpad today. Uhmm…I also worked a bit on the cast of characters, GMC’s and backgrounds for the other contemp idea I had. My heart isn’t into that story at the moment, but I at least wanted to flesh some stuff out for when I do get around to it, and before I forget stuff.

It already feels like slipping back into the old habit of making work on the wip *the* priority when opening up the wip. Further, I've setup a special folder of bookmarked sites, some in my sidebar, some not, or writer blogs/sites that primarily post about writing in all it's aspects. Those are the blogs I'll head to first and on a daily basis. The other fun blogs I'm going to have to break the (daily? hourly? *g*) habit on and only check them weekly or a couple of times per week.

Now, perhaps, that damn progress meter in the side bar will start moving in a meaningful way.
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raine said...

Applause for you.
That's one of my biggest issues when it comes to the writing--distractions. And the older I get, the more easily distracted I am, lol.
Good luck!

vanessa jaye said...

the older I get, the more easily distracted I am, lol.

I hear ya sister! I guess you won't be surprised that I didn't write today. :-P Between morning meetings, working through my lunch, running errands after work, then dealing with half finished laundry and dinner when I got home... Thing is I was >thisclose< to writing on the train this morning, then thought naw, I write on my lunch, I'll just visualize and work out the scene I wanted to write in my head during the commute, that way I'd be raring to go at lunch. HA! If I get a good seat on the train tomorrow, or get up early enough, I'm writing!

vanessa jaye said...

I'll post all the boring follow up writing stuff in the comment thread for now.

I wrote on the subway this morning. Even after this extremely sweaty woman sat next to me. Keeee-rist, woman! It's first f*cking thing in the morning take a damn shower!! No. It wasn't hot today, fall has arrived and most peeps dressed accordingly. This chick smelt like hot vinegar.


I got up and walked to the opposite end of the train, I was fully prepared to stand for the rest of the ride, but the angels smiled down on me and I got another seat. So I wrote, and I wrote on my lunch too.

It's all crap though. lol. But I gave myself permission to write crap. Then on my way back from lunch I realized exactly where I needed to start and how to write the new scene.

'K, got the mirror guy coming in another hour or so and dinner's cooking. Check in later.


Shesawriter said...

I'm trying to get more on the ball too. I've gotten into the habit of bringing a pad and pen with me when I go pick up my son. I'm in the car waiting for a while, so what better way to use the time than to write, or at the very least plot?

vanessa jaye said...

Tanya, wherever, whenever. It's surprising how much you can get down or clarify in a short burst of writing within a limited time, if you focus.

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