Thursday, June 15, 2006

I got nuttin, so I'll fill you in on what I'm reading:

Sunset Limited.

Meh. Like/love the voice, but the story/mystery is sorta meandering. I'll try another book by him though, since the wags on Amazon are claiming this is by far his worst. Aside from the meandering, I"m not too fond with the way he ends scenes (in this book). Rather than smooth transitions, each scene comes to an abrupt end, sort of like vignette, but not as satisfying or thought-provoking.

Lord Wraxall's Fancy.

Snort. This one is a romp. Not quite as amusing as the last erotica with exotic setting I read, but fun never the less. Let's just say, Lord Odo Waxall puts the ::hairball:: in rake. I was kinda hoping he and the heroine would end up together, since she certainly enjoys/ed being 'deflower, despoiled & debauched. But at the point she ran off into the night, hops a pirate ship and escapes the caribbean island (I toldja this was a romp), I had to skim to the end. Looks like the story concludes somewhere in South America with human sacrifices and stuff....

The Last Mermaid

I haven't really gotten into this yet, but I loved last year's The Smoke Thief so picked this one up about a month ago (not much of a backlist available in stores).

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raine said...

Awww. Disappointed to hear about the Burke--his prose sounded intriguing.
But the romp sounds like fun, lol.

Amie Stuart said...

Lemme know how the Abe book is (like I need to add anything to my tbr pile)

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