Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bored with my own writing (which I thought I'd be going like gangbusters on this weekend, considering I've written about 17 pages of world-building and character GMC. But... nada.) Also, bored with just about everything I try to read. :-P This sounds like a job for JAK! *gg* She's a comfort read, so she'll be good for what ails me in the short term. I've also watched Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Predjudice (latest theatrical release) and Mansfield Park, all of them loverly. Though, I think, I loved them in the order listed. I just might pulled out the A&E version of P&S (my absolute fav) this weekend. Already went to the gym, cleaned out a closet and did a little light housekeeping. I'm still feeling in a rut. *sigh* if anyone wants to offer up some suggestings, I'm all ears. :-/
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Amie Stuart said...

Put on your favorite action flick and pop some popcorn and just veg. You've earned it babe

raine said...

Hmmm...well, Jaq, I've got an anthology that needs finishing...a couple loads of laundry, some dirty dishes...
If you wanna swing by & take care of them, I'll hold 'em for ya...

(does sound like you need something exciting, something different, hon, but I've no idea what!)

Jaye said...

I can't even find a action movie that suits my mood, Cece. I recent weeks, I've watched just about all the James Bond movies, except 2 and watched Die Hard (excellent movie!) I love Jason Bourne, but don't feel like watching those movies at the moment. I'll figure something out.

LOL. Very funny Raine. So far today, I've done some more housework, did five loads of laundry, gave myself and pedicure and started dinner and went grocery shopping. :-P Lunch is in the making, after I chow down, I'll fold the final loads of laundry, and see if I can't do something on the wip before completing dinner. I should tidy up my room a bit. And set up a spread sheet of household bill paying, the last spreadsheet got lost when the hard-drive was wiped earier this year because of the virus. :-P

PBW said...

Sounds like you need a change in the writing routine. You could write in the nude. Or take a notepad and pen and go to the park (but put your clothes back on first.)

If you go with CeCe's suggestion, I recommend Pitch Black.

Jaye said...

lol. PBW. Unfortunately, I'm chained to the computer for this part of the writing, because of all the stuff I did with worldbuilding (btw, I was lurking on Rtb, you ladies gave excellent advice!) affects the end of chapter 1 and all of chpter 2, I've got a lot of revising to do. :-P.

I've watched Pitch Black 3 times. And all three times I had my eyes shut. *gg* I was telling the kid that Pitch Black was waaay scarier than any of the Alien movies, to me. At least I've been able to watch them.

Oh, after I did dinner and worked on the budget spreadsheet (for the rest of the year). I finally revised edited the last part of chapter 1 and managed to get another 2 pages out of it. Chapter 2 is going to take a little more doing and it's time to hit the sack. I've been working 9-10 hr days, so I really need my sleep.

Thank you ladies for the advice.

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