Son's Bellyachin' and Hurtin' songs

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meanwhile at Casa Jaye this morning....

I changed the channel from the all news station to a country music video show, and son looks up from his laptop and starts bellyaching.

Son--  "Ma! What is this? I think I'm gonna be sick." He waves to TV where  Rascal Flatts video is on. ::2 teenagers are in cab of truck sharing an amazingly sweet moment::  "Why are you watching this?"

Me-- "What? It's fun. I like to see what's going on. Expand my horizons beyond the usual top 40 playing on radio or what I have on my eye-pod."

Son-- "But they're always about this stuff."

He waves to TV again where girl is kneeling over toilet and holding her stomach crying. Then girl runs out of house and races down the road after boy's truck. We get a sort of flashback of truck flipping over and boy's head cracking windshield. Now girl is slowing down and then she drops to her knees at roadside cross.

Me -- "See? There's always a story to tell." I put on a heavy twang: "They're hurtin' song."

Son-- "Well, Brian McKnight [Back At One] did it better."

Me -- "How about that one video, you saw?" And I describe Kenny Chestney's There Goes My Life.

Son -- "Oh man, that one *was* so good." He makes a face and shakes his fist. "Arggh! I don't want to feel that way! All I want to feel is anger, and the avarice and misogyny encouraged by the gangster rappers. I don't want to feel all this sentimental crap!"

Me -- lmao!

He leaves the room, and soon I hear him singing Folsom Prison Blues  #lol.

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azteclady said...


I like it.

vanessa jaye said...

lol. I'll turn him into a country lover eventually. I've only been playing Patsy Cline around here since he was 6. ;)

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