Generation Gap

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Interesting generational thing. I grew up with TV. It was the babysitter and source of excitement. The radio too, but as I shared more of my personal space with family/significant others, the radio/stereo was only on at specific times/situations. But you could always have the tv on as mindless white noise in the background, if nothing else, but something would always end up catching your attention.

My son on the other hand does all his time wasting watching shows, movies, videos, etc, online. He pretty much never has the tv on if he's home alone unless watching he's something specific. In fact he'll ask me to turn the tv off if I'm leaving the room for an extended time (ie to take a shower, etc). Meanwhile I'm guilty of having the tv on while on the computer.

Now we have marathon binge programing--where the network will air a whole season in one weekend or week, streaming services like Netflix, and interactive shows -- like The Talking Dead, where peeps vote online at home, etc.
Interesting times...

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azteclady said...

What I find depressing is that these gaps now come every couple of years--if that long apart!

Wasn't a generation defined as twenty years at some point?

Hoping you are doing well, my friend.

vanessa jaye said...

This is true! Son is in his twenties and sometimes he complains about being out of it. lol. It's like that Grampa Simpson joke: "I was with it, until they changed what 'it' was."

I've been working like crazy, girlfriend. Got tired of staying late at the office, so got an extra computer monitor (we're paperless, and work on 2 monitors). So I'd come home at a much normal time, cook, eat, relax and bit, then put 2-3 more hours of work before going to bed. :-P I honestly love my job, and I work with a great bunch of people, but the workload is brutal. But rather deal with the workload than be unemployed, so.... lol.

Hope things are still going well for you at your job.

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