Best Wishes for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This year has been quite the rollercoaster ride with some of the lowest/darkest moments of my life. But in the end, as the year draws to a close and on the eve of this very special holiday, and I can say that what I’m left with is mostly a feeling of being blessed by the opportunities granted, a sense of inner growth,  gratitude, yes, for the material things achieved and held on to, and an abiding quiet joy in the knowledge that there are some truly special people in my life who love me very much.  And a general sense that in the end I laughed more than cried.
And so I wish the same for everyone who may see this post, that they too will feel blessed, loved, joy and gratitude on this Christmas Eve and many days of laughter in the coming year.    

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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azteclady said...

Thank you for such lovely thoughts and wishes--may the next year brings us all more laughter and love than anything else!

vanessa jaye said...

Hey AZ, from your lips to gods ears. I'm looking forward to next year for sure! :)

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