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Monday, December 29, 2014

Last night I cut about a page from the Dragon book. It was a scene that I was totally stuck on and couldn't move forward, but I knew it was a scene I wanted represented in the book, so it wasn't that I could cut it completely and jump ahead to the next scene. In fact the next scene kinda wouldn't make sense without the scene that was stalling me.

Anywho, the trick was to start the stall scene right before the mini-climax of that particular scene, rather that build up to it. Working from home today, but hopefully I'll get to the scene later today.  Almost feeling ambitious enough to tinker with a couple of other manuscripts I have 1/2 finished as well. We'll see. 

I've vowed to write a page a day going forward. Doesn't seem like much. Isn't really that much. But it's more than I've been doing all year. I really want to finish this dragon book (and really any manuscript) this year. It's been too long since I had something out.  Will post my progress here, maybe even dust off that progress meter in the side bar. lol.

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azteclady said...

Small progress is still progress, isn't it?

*providing moral support from the sidelines*

vanessa jaye said...

)))hugs((( thanks hon! That's the way I'm looking at it too. Small progress is still progress. 1 page per day =365 pages.

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