Celebrate 10 yrs of Writing with Melissa Blue's Giveaway extravaganza

Sunday, September 07, 2014

My fellow Southern Fried Chica' blog-mate, Melissa Blue aka Sofia Harper is celebrating 10 years of writing! And she's holding a 1 week extravaganza of give-aways from a great group of authors-- Sept 7 to Sept 13th. Check it out:

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azteclady said...

I'll raise my water bottle in her honor, and steer clear off Facebook.

vanessa jaye said...

Can't say I blame ya. Facebook is an exercise in frustration and time-suckage. lol. Bt holy crap, just realized I need to follow up with my winner! The Day job just sucks up all my energy during the week, it's hard to keep on top of stuff unless it's right in my face demanding my attention.

azteclady said...

I hear you! *hug*

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