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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick post here before I dash off to work.
Work has been Very Demanding.  Last week was all 10-12hr days because I was covering for someone on vacation as well as doing my own work. Prior to that, I had been helping various peeps here and there because they were overwhelmed due to others being on vacation, and I was probably working 9-10hrs per day while dealing with a pesky summer cold.

Anywho, not much writing was happening. Even when I had a small window of time I just wanted to give my brain a rest. But resting isn’t going to get this book written! 
So I decided on a new mandate: 100 words a day for 100 days. 
Hopefully at some point before the hundred days are up, I’ll be writing well more than 100 words a day, and of course I’ll keep writing beyond the 100 days to get this damn book done.  At some point I’ll take the temperature of the book and get a better idea of how long it’s going to be and how much I have to write per day to get it done by a certain date.

Stay tuned….
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azteclady said...

Here's wishing you success with the writing goal, and a bit more relaxed work schedule (or at least not so many hours--unless you get paid overtime, which I always appreciate, and more now that my A/C died)

Either way, here's cheering for you!

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks hon, they do pay OT but being in the probation twilight zone I haven't broached the subject. And I'm not even sure peeps are asking for it. I may ask a co-worker.

Things are easing up, so that's good, but I'm getting some really challenging files lately, so 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other. lol.

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