That Killer Red Dress

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Son and I were debating about who plays Nikita in the tv show. I said Sandrine Holt. He said Maggi Q.
(Sandrine's on the left)

He was right. It is Maggi. Then he mentioned the killer red dress she wore in mission impossible.

(This is the best pic I could find, but as you can see what little of that dress there is, Maggi’s characters does it justice.)

I immediately countered that no one touches Sophie Maceau in her red dress in The World is Not Enough.
(This pic really doesn’t do her justice in the dress; you have to watch the scene. Girlfriend looks good both coming and going. And just standing still. lol. )

We started reeling off memorable red dresses (mostly because it occurred to me this would make a fun blog post.)

Who can forget Jessica Rabbit?
Another girl who does so much with soo much in so little. Lol.

Now this one is a little random, but all remember: the girl in the red dress in The Matrix.

Michelle Pfeiffer on top of the piano in The Fabulous Baker Boys.
As with a lot of these pics, it was as much (or more) about the woman in the dress, as it was about the dress itself. A still for the movie doesn't capture that 'wow' factor because it was the actress/character's attitude/personality all shrink-wrapped in this bright wrapping.
This is another one that had more visual impact in the movie scene that it does in pictures: Julia Roberts Pretty Woman.
And lastly, a two-fer: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:
One cool thing has come out of this post. My current wip/short story, has a big party scene near the end in which my heroine knocks the heroes socks off. Initially I had a vague-ish picture of her in a midnight blue gown, but now I might be putting her in a version of That Killer Red Dress™.

Of course that's if I find the time to write. For the rest of the week-end I'll be working on day-job stuff. Stuff that has a looming deadline but I haven't been able to get any real traction on because of all other day-to-day things I'm juggling/catching up on at work. :-P

xo Jaye *
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Anonymous said...

Where's Betty Boop?

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