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Sunday, December 23, 2012

I always seem to come tip-toe-ing back in here with some excuse , erm reason for my extended absence.

Sometime around mid-Nov my boss "volunteered" me to be in charge of the festive challenge charity drive and the department decorations.

Let me tell ya summin, that friggin festive challenge almost kill me. lol.  Luckily my boss later nominate two other coworkers to work with me and eventually I off-loaded the remainder of the charity drive activities on them to run with (once everything was in place) because the decorating was crazily time consuming.  Just about everything was made/crafted, not store bought.

I posted this pic below on Twitter & Facebook to show messy-state my dining-room table had been in for a good 2 weeks straight.  At this point, I was putting together the gas-lamps that were going to be a major part of the Victorian Christmas decorating theme.

For a couple of weeks I was putting in 12hr days, plus working on the weekends to get the decorations done. I've made it known I will not be doing this next year. There was way too much catch-up to do official work-wise and with things in my personal (there are no decorations put up in my house this year-just don't have the energy to do it. I didn't get my Xmas cards mailed out either and just did my grocery shopping for Xmas 2 days ago.  Thank god I've been buying the odd Xmas gift all yr, including stuff I bought at last year's boxing day sales, or I would've have been screwed on that front also.)

Anywho, it's all done. I'm happy with how things turned out. There is definitely a magical, other-worldly, feeling when you come into our department. And here are the finished results.

 We won the decorating challenge, btw, and earn a free lunch for the department on the company's dime.  Also, overall the company raised almost $40K for the Childrens' Christmas Wish Charity.

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azteclady said...

You rock so hard it's not to be believed--holy cow, woman, that looks amazing!

vanessa jaye said...

lol. Thank you Aztec!! :D

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