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Monday, November 14, 2011

I tend to do all my book talk over on Goodreads these days, but thought I'd give a shout out to a new-to-me author.

I picked up Jill Mansell's Perfect Timing via the company book exchange program.

Book Blurb:

When you meet the man of your dreams on girls night out, it's hardly…Perfect Timing

In this fresh and funny contemporary romance by bestselling author Jill Mansell, Poppy Dunbar's whole life gets turned upside down after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger...

Never a troublemaker, Poppy had always been content with the way things were supposed to be done—which included marrying predictable Rob McBride. But that was before she met Tom Kennedy the night before her wedding. Could she really be falling in love with a stranger?

Unable to forget Tom, or go through with the wedding, Poppy runs off to London. Her new life and colorful friends are anything but predictable. Misunderstandings, family secrets, and jealous quarrels ensue, but can Poppy stop running long enough to figure out what—or, rather, who—is in her heart?

After going through a bit of a funk reading, I pretty much inhaled this book. It was just fun! Loved the characters and was very interested in all their stories. While there is a main protag/heroine in the two books I've read so far--Take A Chance on Me, was the second, which I didn't love as much because the romance storyline wasn't as prominent--there's actually a number of secondary stories lines with supporting characters that I got quite caught up in.) And it'll not all zany fun. In fact there's very little zany, but there is an exploration for friendship, love, family. Painful betrayals, and renewals/rededications to lives made. There's also great dialogue and those situations that are embarrassingly cringeworthy but will have you chuckling all the same.

These books are chick-lit (or Brit-lit), but there is a nice romance thread through out. I think I'm well on my way to buying her backlist. Next up for me is: Rumor Has It. I think if you like Kristin Higgins, you'll like Mansell.
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