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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In celebration of her upcoming release Silken Rapture, Beth is running a Silken Rapture Contest, Kindle Touch Give-away from Nov 7 - 22nd.


If you haven't tried one of Beth's books, well what the heck are you waiting for? The lady has mad skilz when it comes to writing hot, emotional romances with strong heroines and to die for heroes. I have this upcoming release on my tbr list.

Anywho, today my day to participate in contest and I'll also be giving away a copy of Hunter of the Heart to one commentator, so come on over to her blog and get a peek at a new/another excerpt from Hunter of the Heart!

ETA: Sorry for the multiple posting folks. Something went wonky with the blog & this post got merged/scrambled with the previous post from Monday. I think I fixed the probem. I hope. :P
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vanessa jaye said...

Yeah, problem fixed! :D

Mary G said...

Hey Vanessa
I just said hi to you on your facebook page. Zgreat to look you up again. your site looks great!

vanessa jaye said...

Oh hai Mary! :D It was great to run into you again (saw your post at Beth's, so thanks once more for commenting).

I'm sporadic on FB but I'm trying to keep it (& the blog)updated. I tend to pop up on Goodreads and twitter more because it's easier/off the cuff stuff. :-P

As for the site, thank you! Kat did an awesome job & I love it, but thinking it might need a tweek now that I have a paranormal out. We'll see.

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