It's November 1st & Hunter of the Heart is now available

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Can you believe it? When the manuscript sold November seemed soooo faaaar awaaaaay. And now here I am deep into plotting/(re)writing book 2 in the series.

Just remember this book has:

A hunky werewolf hero

A hunky were-panther side-kick (whose book i'm writing now)

A hunky were-Tiger boss (in a bit part, but i have plans for Alejandro later in the series)

A hunky, erm, scary... shape-shifting...erm.. summin.

Action & Danger!

A cruise ship!

Heat! (the tropical island type)

Heat! (the boom-chica-wow-wow type)

True luuuurve that conquers all!

Not as many exclamation points as I've used in this post!

and last but not least humour.

It's a bargain, i tell ya. ;-)

I've posted excerpts from Hunter here and here, and ofcourse there's an excerpt at Samhain where it's now on sale!


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azteclady said...

Happy release day!

*off to buy*

vanessa jaye said...

Aww, thank you! just about the only thing good about this day is the fact HotH is on sale.

Crazy stressful day at office. Really want this week to be over.

But enough about that. I was looking for your email because i wanted to send you something... ahem.

Hope you enjoy Hunter. *fingerscrossed*

raine said...

Congrats on the new release, hon!
Best 'o sales! :)

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks hon for all the support! ))happyhugs(( I've got my fingers crossed for this one.

Lynn Viehl said...

Happy (belated) release day, Ms. Jaye. Just bought my copy, and wanted to thank you and your publisher for making it print-enabled. I'm missing too many e-book releases these days because I can't put them on paper.

Now off to find a nice binder for it. Love the cover art. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Lynn, I didn't even notice that the books were now printable, but I do know on the whole Samhain isn't for DRM on ebooks. (I'm lumping ability to print under a possible restruction.)

And thank you!!! :-D

azteclady said...

email: oooopsss

vanessa jaye said...


azteclady said...

Hey, it's right there in my profile, woman! *points* (sorta)


vanessa jaye said...

But I did click onto your name and it took me to the Etsy store.

::gone to check again::

azteclady said...

Here's where it becomes clearer just how big an idiot I am--I thought it was in my profile. Where it obviously ain't.


azteclady1 at gmail dot com

Dr. Laurence Brown said...

Happy release day.. ready to buy .. All the best and I wish you all success

vanessa jaye said...

lol. That's okay, Aztec. I thought it was in your profile too. Then I check Karen's blog. :P It's just good to see you around again.

Dr. Brown, thank you! And I hope your release day went well!

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