Adam Idol

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seriously. Adam is original, he's interesting, he's unpredictable, and while he's done some things that made me go wft, he's never disappointed. Never mind the crazy range the boy has.

The other contestants just aren't bringing their A game, and there's some serious talent in the line up.

Having said that, I think Kris bestest him tonight.

Kris, Adam, Danny for top 3.

Anoop is in trouble. Megan was doing her Winehouse wannabe act, and didn't quite pull it off.

The rest of them are a toss up.
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His Jedness said...

You forgot Allison in her maternity Goth clown get-up.

vanessa jaye said...

What the Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!-Barbie kinda getup, wuz dat?

Dee Tenorio said...

LOL, actually, the goth-clown is a common look out here. They're called "Scenes". (My niece is one). I thought she looked cute.

I love Danny, but Kris finally got out of cute and became plausible as a winner for me.

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