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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Got off the phone with Deedle awhile ago. She read the wip and likes it! (yeah!!) But she had a number of suggestions to tweak it here and there. The funny thing is, the places and things she wanted me to add 'meat' to, are the places and things that I had cut the fat out of.

I'm going to revist those point. On one hand I must have had my reason for cutting fat, but talking with her, she made excellent points in her reasonings for fleshing certain aspects of the story.

At least I can let my breath out now. It's always hairy waiting to hear back on crits/submissions.
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vanessa jaye said...

Just got the second crit back. :-P

I should have taken the time to go over this one more time before sending it out! There were a lot of typos--mostly hyphen where they shouldn't be, or missing hyphens. Or missing words. (Dee gave me her feedback over the phone. She didn't send the actual doc back because she downloaded it her ereader.)

Interestingly, both Joyce and Dee had related concerns re a certain aspect of the heroine, and commented on the exact same line of narrative in the story (re the heroine) they liked.

Particularly pleased about this because the heroine was totally 2-D in the original unfinished version of this story--she had no background or motivation, she just reacted to stuff as it happened. So I'm glad she came to life for these to readers.

I see lots of tweaking happening this weekend, but the good news is, it's all tweaking--as far as the feedback received goes--and nothing major.

I'm also champing at the bit to start working out an outline on the next story.

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