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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've FINALLY come to the end of all that I wrote before on the werewolf novella. All the overwrought language, repetition, etc, has been cleaned up, and I've clarified some murky characterization, etc and layered in some (more) GMC.

I'm still not completely happy with the it. It doesn't hit emotionally the way I'd like, but I think it's still an entertaining story, thus far, and surprisingly dark in some scenes. Maybe a little too horror-centric a follow up to Felicity? *gulp* But it's clearly a paranormal, while Felicity is a contemp, so...

Anywho, the edits ended up cutting about 12 pages from the story. Now I need another 20 to bring the word count up to 30K. I have a sketchy outline that includes a fight scene and at least one love scene, plus some other developments so I'm not too worried about hitting the mark in terms of having enough story left.

I'm torn between working from my jump drive on the mini during commutes, or working on the Quickpad. I'll write faster on the Quickpad now that I'm witing all fresh stuff, but I need the outline because there's some pretty specific things I want to include. i guess I can print the outline off at work tomorrow and just keep in mind what I want to happen in the next scene for tomorrow morning's trip into work.

::fingers crossed:: This should be on my editors desk by the end of next month the latest, as long as I can get a couple of crits on it first. I wanted to get it in this month, so I could (maybe) have a release date close to the print release of Felicity. Each month I delay submitting it to Angie, the farther apart those release dates get, and the more distinct the probability that I won't have a new release/new work out this year. :-/
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azteclady said...

*crossing fingers and sending positive thoughts Vanessa's way*

(me want new release soon)


vanessa jaye said...

Thanks AL. :)

Gennita said...

Hey congrats on finishing, and I know it's going to be good!

vanessa jaye said...

"and I know it's going to be good!"

Weeeeell..... I'm not so sure about that at the mo. I'm having an attack of the crows of doubt.

Gennita said...

There are no crows in that Canadian Winter. What, you want me to ski up there and throw an icecube at you, huh????!

vanessa jaye said...

lol@ Gennita. I stand corrected.

The walruses of doubt are about to trample my ass.

There, is that better? ;)

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