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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raine has a fabulous post up. Go read.

I'm not American but up here in Canada, and even when I was over in England during the holidays, I can tell you that he is a symbol of hope, change, progress, the possiblity of the impossible and improbable to many people.

It's not so much that we believe in him--because, really, what he's tasked to do is just about impossible for one man to accomplish in the limited time he'll have in office-- it's that he makes us believe in ourselves when maybe all we'd been doing is just getting by and going along day by day, now we're ready to embrace change, make change, be change. For the better.

**Updated to add this link to a TIMESonline article (link snatched from Karen Scott blog post)
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vanessa jaye said...

Recently heard uttered by CNN reporter: Monumentous.

Is that a word? I know there's momentous and monumental, but monumentous?

Two more hours till the swearing in.

raine said...

I said I wouldn't cry.
Don't put money on it.

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I tear up each time I see him and it sinks in. Really sinks in.

Jordan Summers said...

It was the same when I was in Paris and Germany. I couldn't believe how much Europe digs him. He's on posters and flyers everywhere. It was truly remarkable to see.

Good luck with the werewolf story. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Jordan, his popularity world-wide is just incredible. I'd almost venture to say that he was more popular outside of the states, at one time, than within.

Thanks for the luck. I think I'm gonna need it. :-P

And congrats on finishing Scarlet!

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