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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been in a bit of a bleh mood when it comes to blogging, writing, and reading. I printed out all the revised stuff of the wip for a quick read through.

What I read made me want to tear my hair out.

It could have been that it was the end of a looong day, I was tired and not really in the mood for a read thru, but I just itched to take out my red pen and start slashing the thing to death.

Still needs work.


Pretty much putz around all weekend, although I did make it to the gym yesterday. (Because the boy goaded me: "Sure, mom. Just admit you're not going anywhere today, mom." Oh yeah!!??! I just had to prove him wrong!)

Today I exchanged several emails with Sasha White and Cathryn Fox re the pain in the ass tax forms that we Canadian writers with US publishers have to file with the IRS & our publishers.

Thanking those ladies publicly for their patience with my million+1 questions.

Besides that, I watched several B movies from the selection on the On Demand channel-- Prom Night, something straigth to video thing with Shannon Elizabeth and a stalker, Decoy II, and two episodes of some crazy show call Forbidden Science. It's Canadian made (the host from Style by Jury was in the first episode as a two-timing murdering hubby!) and it takes place in either the near distant future or in an alternate 'now' where cloning is now common-place and they can even clone whole human beings. Sounds interesting, yes?

What it turned out to be was closer to Red Shoe Diaries, very soft, soft porn with lots of partial non-frontal nudity sexxoring in between the unfolding of the plot. Just ridiculously gratuitous. lol. But the main characters are likable and the stories arcs somewhat interesting and not just an excuse to string together sexxoring scenes. So I might watch the next episode if I'm bored with nothing else to do.

(Co-incidentally, apart from the host guy (I love Style by Jury!), the other reason I kept watching is because I have a partial of a clone story on ice, so I was interested in dreading any similarities. Turns out, aside from the clone element and the mucho sexxoring, not much. heh. phew.

Anywho, about 2 hours ago, I finally opened up the wip and wrote like 4 1/2 pages without too much grinding of the teeth! I was surprised I'd written that much. Hopefully I'll keep up the pace during the week.

Now I'm going to see if my luck hold up and the reading front. Nothing is keeping my interest lately, so I pulled an old Amanda Quick out of boxed up books in the basement. I can't even remember which one it is, but she's a comfort read so I'm sure whatever it is, I'll be happy.

There's a couple more joke emails sitting in my inbox that I'll try to post in a day or two.

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vanessa jaye said...

I had some work related stuff to do this evening (month-end draws nigh) but I did manage to bang out quite a bit on the Quickpad. Not sure how much because I know if I download it, I'll get stuck in editing mode and I just want to move forward. But I'm feeling a lot more confident about getting this baby in to my editor by the end of Feb.

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