Going to start this book tonight

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hero: Dreamwalker/Incubus. Works for the US gov't.

Heroine: Thief. Can shapeshift into any human form.

Heat factor: Yowzah!

Genre: (Publisher sez) Paranormal Erotic Romance. (Jaye sez) Looks like there's a suspense subplot here, which interests me more than the para elements (even though, those are waaay uber cool).

Hopes & Fears: High. One of my favourite subgenres is romantic/erotic suspense.

Blurb- A Dreamwalker trained by the U.S. to assassinate people through their dreams, and an incubus dutybound to stop the country’s enemies, Damon prefers seducing women in their sleep.

A shapeshifter and master thief, Rory is a woman who is always up for a challenge. When a national security threat arises, the two must join forces—and their unique abilities.

As they are quickly embroiled in a race against time, they must fight for their lives together. And as tensions mount, fate only knows if they can also fight their rising attraction.

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And check out the book vid:

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raine said...

Does sound interesting.
Let us know!
(I have a thing for incubii...) ;)

vanessa jaye said...

Raine, I crashed last night.

But thanks for the reminder. ;-)

To anyone reading these comments, I can highly recommend Rain Weaver's INCUBUS - more info and an excerpt, here:


raine said...

Okay, you didn't have to do that! (and you need a blushing smiley on here...)

vanessa jaye said...

I didn't have to, but I wanted to.
And I found the Dear Author B+ review for it, (for anyone still reading the comments)


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