Whatever Happened to the Rock Power Ballad?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm sitting here watching this Time Life informercial for the Ultimate Rock Ballad Collection--"9 CDs, 153 hits! This collection is not sold in stores, so call now!!" And Dammit, if I ain't tempted to. Look at some of this line up:

Peter Frampton
REO Speedwagon
Eddy Money
Rod Stewart
Lynard Skynard
Pat Bennatar
Cheap Trick
The Cars
Air Supply (shut up!) The kid is snickering like crazy right now. My god there was a lot of big hair and tight leather back then!
Bad Company
38 Special

Now,I love me some RnB (LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" came up on the iPod lastnight for the first time in a long time) but Rock ruled the airwaves while I was growing up and that music will always be tied into many of my memories from that time.
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Amie Stuart said...

LOL you should have seen my kids on iTunes after we got Rock Band, glomming up all the classic rock!

vanessa jaye said...

The kid thinks Air Suppy sucks. But, he actually loves rock music and can probably reel off more band name/song titles than I could. You can thank Supernatual's Dean Winchester and his mighty love for 70s rock. lol.

Tricia Fields said...

Jaye, I've been tempted by that infomercial myself. LOL. Wish my DD would learn to love classic rock...

Wanted you to know I snagged a copy of FSB. Can't wait to read it!

vanessa jaye said...

Tricia, does your DD watch Supernatural? Trust me, if that doesn't get her hook on the oldies--hot boys in fast car-- nothing will. *g*

Oh, thank you for buying FSB! I hope you like it! (dang you'd think I got a two fer one special on exclamation points this week. lol)

Amie Stuart said...

Jaye Supernatural definitely was a contributing factor as well!

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