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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"In a way, Felicity Stripped Bare is a good read. I love the heroine's initial sass and attitude. Daniel is an okay hero,.."

Hmmm... I believe a little Nip and Tuck action is in order (for my fragile ego blurbing purposes only):

"...Felicity Stripped Bare is a good read! I love the heroine's... sass and attitude! Daniel is a... hero!"

Now we're Golden. heh

"And as much as I try to understand the heroine, Felicity's constant pattern of falling into the blues and picking herself up subsequently gets tedious eventually. Her behavior soon becomes artificial, as if the author is trying to keep the story going by racking up the number of internal conflicts between Daniel and Felicity."


::waves magicwand::

"...I...understand...Felicity...falling into the blues and picking herself up....

(T)he author...keep(s) the story going by racking up...internal conflicts between Daniel and Felicity."

I wubs you MagicWand. You are truly magical.

Seriously, though, she gave it a 78/100 (a 'not bad' read, going by her rating). And of course I'm happy she gave the book a try, and...

"As this is a debut effort, I'd be most intrigued to see what Ms Jaye has to offer in the future"

...that she's willing to give me another shot.

Read the full review here. It's not as bad as the excerpts I've manhandled for the purposes of having fun with this post make it out to be.

And for new visitors to this blog, you'll find a couple of earlier reviews, here and here.

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jorrie Spencer said...

Hey, you made a good impression if she's looking out for more from you! :)

raine said...

Honey, for a debut novel I'd say that's pretty durn good!!
Giggles is not a gentle soul.

I'd say it was generally a good review.
And LMAO at the MagicWand!
(May need to borrow that sometime...)

Sasha White said...

MRS. G is a tough critic. You've intrigued her and a "Not bad" from her is awesome!

Love the magic wan. *grin*

vanessa jaye said...

So I waved my magic wand over a couple of the comments. *g* Not bad stuff, but I think an author should limit their responses to 'Thank you' or silence when it comes to reviews.

For the most part.

The stuff that was here was pretty innocous, but verged on me 'explaining' myself/the writing. So it's gone.

Jorrie, Raine, Sasha, thanks for the encouragement guys! (Although, really, I'm fine with the review),

I suspect the magic wand will be put to good use in future. ;)

Anonymous said...

I received a grade in the "not bad" category from Giggles recently. I was told to consider myself lucky. I've decided to take that advice. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Selah, you have wise advisors. ;)
One man's treasure, etc.

Plus it all good in terms of exposure when a review hits Mrs. G's site no matter what the grade.

Gennita said...

Heh heh heh on the "magic wand." THAT is one of my favorite toys from the published author's special trunk. Glad you found it, lass! ;-)

Mrs. Giggles giving you a 78 is awesome. She's tough to please indeed. I've always enjoyed her review; her kind of sarcasm is dead-on Malaysian/Singaporean, so I cackle like a homesick kid when I read her, even when it's my book she's smacking around.

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, Gennita -- I love Mrs. G. One of my comments that I deleted here mentioned that I was first in line to laugh my ass off when she was in fine form. :-P

As for the magic wand, next to the sooper sekret handshake, it's one of niftier things about being pubbed. :-)

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