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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Southern Fried Chicas today.

Just thought I'd throw some eye candy in this post just for the hell of it.

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Lynn Viehl said...

You've got to stop hitting me with Maplethorpe men first thing in the morning, lady. My heart murmur starts panting.

As a frequent HEA violator, I was going to comment over on SFC, but then I remembered the HEA factor in the plot of King's Misery, looked at my feet and thought better of it.

I will say that the ridiculous contrivances by some authors to fulfill the HEA requirement of romance are as offensive to some readers as the disregard of it is to others. If you mean to keep the HEA promise, don't kill a character and then bring them back from the dead in the last five pages just so you don't get hate mail. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Maplethorpe nudes are quite beautiful without being skeezy, or making you think the model is/has been/will be involved in porn. :-P

I didn't read Misery, just saw the movie. There's an HEA? Is this the HEA Hannibal Lecter and Clarisse enjoy in their book? ugh.

I agree about the contrived HEAs (although thank goodness I don't think I've read any of those, but I have read a couple where I just wasn't convinced the H/h were in love or going to last and that definitely colored my enjoyement of the book. I think I look at those instances as a failure of characterization/weak writing rather than a contivance of HEA.

and my verfication word is: nvzudees. word scramble -
v. e.z nudes.

Lynn Viehl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynn Viehl said...

I didn't read Misery, just saw the movie. There's an HEA?

In the novel there's a subplot that revolves around the HEA of romance novels. It's not very flattering to romance fans or the advocates of HEA.

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