Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gonna be scarce for the next little while. I've been doing a mini May NANO-write this month, (making slow, pitiful progress, but progress never the less). Round 2 of edits dropped into my inbox yesterday. My editor and I have been doing a little back and forth over some scenes from a secondary character's pov. I actually agreed with her reasonings b-b-but I luuuuuurved the characters and didn't wanna cut the scenes! ::pouting::

'K, I'm over that. Good news is, I've been wanting to post some more excerpts, now you guys will get a bonus deleted scene. (I know it's likes Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one around here! *g*).

Once these edits are done, I'm in for 2 rounds of copy-edits, I think, and the goal is to have it all done by the end of the month.

Lastly, my good bud Kat gave me another nudge about the website, something along the lines of 'hey dude your book's coming out in 2 months and you don't have a proper site! What the hell are you waiting for??!!'

Well Kat, you did have final exams to do... (and yayayayayay Kat has been accepted to the University of Denver! I can't remember the exact course but it's something to do with Graphic Design/Web design. She's worked her rump off in the last couple of years, and dealt with some very rough times in her personal life, so I'm extra proud of her accomplishments.)

So, Kat had exams, and I'm a lazy git. But looks like the web site project (which I guess includes me writing content for it) is about to be launched.

So, yeah, I'm gonna be scarce. But stay tuned for the deleted scene(s)!

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