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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Borg Collective vs Skynet and the army of T2

~ Rember the Borg were never able to conquer Species 8472.
~ Also remember while the Borge ended up looking really, really cool, there were no big advancements in their technology (which is curious, considering that's what they're all about--taking the best of the species they assimulate). Meanwhile there was a big leap between T1 and T2 in terms of what those Terminators were capable of. (T3-blech-doesn't count).
~ Yes, you can probably guess who I'm arguing for.
~Yes, the boy seems to be winning** and this is my pathetic attempt to gather additional ammunition from you guys.

**Damn all those interstellar toys!

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Amie Stuart said...

I'm probably no help at all. I totally don't speak Borganese hehehe
And I dont know Borgs. That said, while the concept of man being taken over by teh Machines he's created (ala ACDC, THe Matrix, Terminator etc) isn't terribly new, the seed of realistic possibilities is terribly frightening.

raine said...

The big drawback to the Borg is that they were unable to function as individuals.
The Terminators were given instructions, a mission, and sent out to act on it, but they were able to choose their own actions (within the limitations of programming), make "decisions", select a course of action.
The Borg were incapable of independent functioning, thus the unknown variable, the unexpected, easily rendered them disfunctional until the collective mind came up with a solution, which was not always in time.

That being said--yes, the Borg were cool. ;)
Hasta la vista, baby.

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, considering all the 'smart' technology we have and how independent we are on them, a future scenario like Matrix or Terminator, does kinda make you want to wet your pants. :-P

Raine: Thank you! I didn't even think about that aspect of it! I'm going to spring that little tidbit on him today. *g*

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