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Monday, April 21, 2008

Can you guess what happened today?

Let me set it up.

I just rejoined the gym. I let my membership slide for a month (no big deal since I haven't been to the gym since November. ::coughcough:: ). I was planning to rejoin in June/July. Anywho, I went to the doctor's last week for my annual check up and he said, for the first time ever (EVAR!!) you're in good health--well, that's not the first time he's said that part, but-but-but then he said "you could stand to lose 20 lbs."

You talkin to moi?

::angina attack!::

I mean sure, once I lose all that fat, it'll be pretty roomy in my head, and I'll be able to fit into all those skimpy summer chapeaus.

But still. =:-O

So I rejoined the gym, with plans to go 3 days a week, at least, starting this week.

And speaking of this week.

American Crackedy Crack Idol is on Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm betting on Sayesha, Carly and Brooke in the bottom three.

Most likely Brooke will get the boot because she's just too Carly Simon in a Girlicious world.

Mebbe she should try new career.

Or go back to an old one

J/K. She may not be an American Idol, but I'm sure she could make a living singing.

On the other hand, Carly's fierce expression might finally scare off voters.

Is it possible to sing telepathically?

That might work.

The delicious, and curiously craggy-faced, Gordon Ramsay (who figures big (BIG I tell ya. Pun intended) in all my chefly fantasies featuring me, a bed of lettuce and lots of white sauce) is back with new season of Hells Kitchen.

And it's Jesse L Martin's last appearance on Law and Order this week!

And new episodes of Law & Order/SUV start, and (OMG!!) SUPERNATURAL is gonna bring SEXYBACK to my living room after weeks of no new episodes on Thursday!!!

So what do you think happened today?

The first 'official' round of edits from Samhain have landed in my inbox.

*sob* I'm gonna cry about 20lbs of tears right now.

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Amie Stuart said...

Surely the edits can't be THAT BAD!!!!

I'm loving Hell's Kitchen. He's such a bastard!! LOL

I read that Jesse Martin is going (back to) Broadway *sigh* LOVE HIM! Just Love Him! he'll be missed and

WOOT! Supernatural indeed! My DVR is all programmed while i write *ggg* swear

Did you see last week's SVU where Benson went to ...oh wait you're in Canada so you maybe on a different schedule. It's not to be missed! We sat one morning before school and watched it LOL

vanessa jaye said...

No, the edits don't seem that bad, mostly (more) clean up and formatting stuff. I think figuring out how to use track changes is going to be the biggest headache. :-P

The thing is, that's not really him on Hell's Kitchen. If you want to see the real him (and he does have a certain charm that is nowhere apparent in his cartoonish behaviour on Hell's Kitchen) watch the original BBC version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare.

I didn't know Jesse came from Broadway. (He's foine, isn't he? yum). But he's been on L&O a really long time, hasn't he? Something like 9 years. I can understand it he want to do something else.

uhuh. I suspect I might have missed that episode where Benson goes to jail. :-/ I'll have to check that out. But we'll be watching, er taping ::coughcough:: the episodes for the next couple of weeks (Bill Pullman as Olivia's boyfriend this week, Robin Williams as a pyschopath next week, and the guy who plays Tony Soprano the week after.)

raine said...

20 whole pounds, huh?

And so sorry to see Jesse leaving. :(

And CONGRATS on getting the edits!! I know that sounds duh, butit's progress! YAAYYY!!! :D

vanessa jaye said...

I know, 20lbs doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm 15lbs heavier than I was the last time I saw him 2 years ago (annual check up is a misnomer in my case). And back then I was 20lbs heavier than the previous time (which was probably another 2 yr gap). From his perspective, it's a disturbing trend. heheh.

While he's *noted* that I've 'put on a few pounds' in the past, he's never before *suggested* that I lose some. It's an indicator I take seriously, even if the amount is small.

All in all in the last seven years, although my weight has fluctuated up and down, the net result is that I'm 40lbs heavier. :-/

Sorry, didn't mean to get all serious, I know you're ribbing me. I've always been the same weight and/or size all my life, then about 10 years ago I put on 10lbs that that I could not get off and ever since then weight became an 'issue' with gradual increases over time.

Okay. Enough of that!!

I love Jesse's smile. He's sexy and smart, and down to earth. He's the type of Beta hero I can get behind. Yeah, I know, he's a cop and you'd think that would make him Alpha, but I'm pegging him and his 'clueless-in-love' partner as betas.

The edits are more about formatting and fixing my little quirks, although there is one big change she wants, which involves cutting serveral scenes. I agree 100% with her reasoning, but I love the characters in the scene so I'm a little sad about it.

I just want to read through the mss, get a feel of what she's asking for and changes she wants (and figure out the track changes thing.) Then I'll hunker down and get 'er done!

Amie Stuart said...

>>He's the type of Beta hero I can get behind.

I totally agree! He's dreamy *ggg*

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