Sunday, April 20, 2008

Or should that be intending to read. I've been moving this book around from room to room, putting in my bag, taking it out. I keep *meaning* to start it, but never get around to it. Hopefully I'll get a chapter knocked off before going to bed tonight.

The pic doesn't do the cover art justice, it's really arresting. The book is steampunk which I haven't read much of, so I'm really looking forward to it.


A thrilling new Steampunk fantasy from a talented debut author


In Victorian London, the Whitechapel section is a mechanized, steam-driven hell, cut off and ruled by two mysterious, mechanical gods-Mama Engine and Grandfather Clock. Some years have passed since the Great Uprising, when humans rose up to fight against the machines, but a few brave veterans of the Uprising have formed their own Resistance-and are gathering for another attack. For now they have a secret weapon that may finally free them-or kill them all...

Whitechapel GODS.

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