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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Syesha was the best tonight. That's the animation/emotion I've been looking for all season. She was reaching for those notes that strained her voice. She was just herself and she knocked it out of the ballpark.

Carly was in second spot. Great song choice for her. And I'm glad she's taken Simon's advice about getting a stylist/paying more attention to her wardrobe.

Jason and Brooke are both in the bottom. Their soft/weak voices just couldn't handle the powerhouse ballads/songs Lloyd-Webber specializes in.

I thought David Arecarebear was boring. 100% agree with Simon. He has a great voice, but the song/performance was totally forgettable. Almost as bad as that song he sang that one time that nobody knew except the guy in the back row from Yugoslavia.

David Cooke, I wasn't overwhelmed by his performance, but it was surprising that he sang it straigt, and showed that he does have a good singing voice, and not just a 'rock singer' voice. I'm not sure which of these guys will end up in the bottom three with Jason and Brooke, but I do beleeeb Brooke is bye-bye baby bye-bye, tomorrow.

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