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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Deadly Stud: I'm thinking of changing my name.

Jaye: To what? 'I hate my mom'? <--I'm a dab hand with the guilt trip. Verily it cometh down swift and hard.

Demon Spawn: To **Day Van Damme. ('Day' is short of Dayan)

Jaye: ::totally talking over him:: 'Cause anything you would change it to would be the equivalent of 'I hate my mom'. ::Looks at him fondly:: You'll always be Day to me. You're my Day. ::looks out window:: My sunshine.

Dear Son: ::dead silence::

Jaye: ::keeping a straight face:: Finally looks over at DS and notices his expression of disgust.

DS: ::narrow-eyed sneer:: And you call yourself a writer.


Deadly Stud during his retro/funky phase
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Amie Stuart said...

I NEED a LMAO Smiley!

vanessa jaye said...

just another reason to get wordpress.

raine said...

I still say...you and the kid in a stand-up routine.
Priceless. :)
(Btw--he's a heartbreaker!)

vanessa jaye said...

The pics a couple of years old, but yeah, (my very biased opinion is) he's easy on the eyes.

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