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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My son, that's who. In the comments below I mentioned that the kid took one look at my newly made up bed, shook his head with a bemused smiled and said I was 'so bougie'. A charge he's leveled at me before when he's felt I was being 'too extra' in my pursuit of the finer things. (But let's face it, we're talking about a male animal here, who'd be just as happy in a dank corner of a dirt basement with a flashlight and sleeping on a bed of lichen).

He also likes to call me and my bestfriend the posh club. (Although, to be honest, I think my girl makes me look positively spartan in my tastes, and a slob in day to day living. My house is my home. It's for my comfort. Besides, a few dustbunnies never hurt anyone.

She on the other hand, put the 'anal' in retentive. A total HGTV junkie, her place is immaculate. Looks like a damn model home. I always tease her and ask where the velvet ropes are to cordon off the rooms. And I take delight in ribbing her over any stupid photo op worthy 'artistic displays'. The big glossy paged cook book left open on a intricate brass stand on the granite counter top? Give. Me. A. Break. Chick doesn't even like to crack an egg and she's got some fancy schmacy cookbook on some big ass stand on display. I Laughed. My. Ass. Off., after pointing and asking "What's that?" She told me to "F*ck off." lol. (But she was laughing too, and that's why we've been friends since highschool.)

But I'm off topic. The following are the before and after pics of the bed. The rest of the room needs work, but that will happen over time. (I'd also like to mention that I only have about 1/2 as much pillows (with non of the embellishments) on my bed, as my Marie Antoinette channelling friend has on hers. heh)

It's hard to tell from the pic, because all of the pillows are white, but there are 3 rows of regular pillows (The big square Euro shams, then the regular shams, then the pillows I actually sleep on (with the gold ban at the edge in the pic), then the amber color rectangular thow pillows with the big button, then the two square throw pillows. The whole thing takes up half the bed, so, yeah, ridiculous. (*g*) but I love it!

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Amie Stuart said...

Looks like a damn model home.

People like that give me hives LOL
My mother was very anal about her house--and I'm the exact oposite (probably because she was LOL)

I think your bed is lovely--I'm so jealous! =)

vanessa jaye said...

And I bought all the bedding at HomeSense! (the Canadian version of Marshalls--except they only sell home decor stuff, no clothing/shoes, etc. Come to think of it, I'm almost sure someone told me Winners (they sell the discounted designer clothes/shoes) is owned by the same parent company of Marshalls. The home decor section was such a big seller for Winners, they spun it off into a separate chain of stores.

Got everything at a fraction of retail, which makes the lie down in that bed sooo that much more enjoyable. lol.

My friend's on crack. lol. srsly. It's like Dr. Fun times(!)Jekyll outside of the home, and Mrs Hyde-here-she-comes-with-her-microscope, white gloves, and vacuum again! inside of her house.

I know I couldn't live with her. :-P (smooches! luv ya honey, if you're lurking. But you know your ass OCD.)

raine said...

Your bed is gorgeous, hon.
But never mind about that...
I LOVE that screen! Sigh...

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you, Raine, but I'm totally with you on the screen! lol. I LOVE that screen; it's one of 4 items of furniture that I will never give up. (Hmm... think you gave me an idea for a lazy post one day. lol).

I bought it cash/no tax at a going out of business sale about 15 yrs ago, and I swear I don't think I've ever seen another one quite like it. If you could see it up close, those dark swirls actually represent the waves in the pond, and there splatter affect (like rain water on the window). The gold leaf isn't too bright/garish, but deep and rich. The back of the screen is black lacquer with an over-sized simple floral pattern outlined in gold. :-)

vanessa jaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vanessa jaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raine said...

I'm grinning because the hero in my next release makes screens like that, lol.
Really beautiful, Jaq.

Shesawriter said...

Hey, whatever makes you feel comfortable. That's what I say. Tell your son when he gets older he'll understand. LOL Your bed looks great. Made me want to jump through the computer and take a nap. :-)

vanessa jaye said...

Tanya, I think he's a twee bit put out. When we moved last year, I did up his bed with new pillows & shames (not as many as mine) and bedding. And I got him a pillow top mattress set years ago, when he outgrew the twin. So he's had the *nicer* bed for awhile. Now my bed rules and his bed drools. lol. Yeah, I'm reaaal mature. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm an HGTV junkie. Now that bed looks made for erotic dreams and .... umm ... yuknow ... that kinda stuff ;) Hope it gets your juices flowing girl (creative of course!)

shaz said...

By the way, that comment above was from me, shaz

vanessa jaye said...

"Now that bed looks made for erotic dreams and .... umm ... yuknow ... that kinda stuff"

Why... whatever do you mean, Shaz? ;-)

I'm an HGTV junkie, too Shaz, but the rooms we see photographed in the magazines and on the tv shows have been staged so they look best on camera, not primarily for day to day living. I keep telling my friend that (after I've laughed my ass off at some other bit of obvious staging-- and when I say "obvious" I mean an 'artistic' trail of rose petals across a coffee table leading up to a vase of roses. Twoud make a loverly picture in a glossy mag, Concidering her OCD, I knew right away that was a deliberate ploy because under normal circumstances she would have whisked those petals away, pledged and dusted.)

Thanks for dropping by luv, don't see you in these parts much.

Anna Lucia said...

*shaking my head*

Honestly, Vanessa.

ggg Looks fab!

vanessa jaye said...

Anna! :-D It's good to 'see' you.

I know this will sound completely nerdy, but I made that 'after' shot of the bed into my screen saver. lol. It makes me happy to look at it, so what the heck!

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