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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My mattress and box spring come today. The right mattress. That 'firm' thing I've been sleeping on all week shouldn't be called 'firm', it should be call 'unforgiving slab of concrete torture'. That thing has no give. Combined with the fact that I've been decidedly under the weather all week, not getting a good night's sleep hasn't help.

Plus ‘new bed’, means stripping current mattress then re-doing everything. Fun! Not.

And then there's the desk and chair. While I'm really looking forward to having an official writing space, all the junk that in that room now needs to be cleaned out.

And speaking of writing, I'm still going through the million and one synopsis, outlines, GCM and character charts I have on this one. It's sort of interesting to see how deep I was digging into the story and how it changed as I moved further into the story. I'm also glad I didn't finish this story previously, some of my ideas make me cringe now. lol. Not saying the final result will be perfect, especially as I'm not sure I'll capture the voice again. :-/

Oh, yeah, the new website. I'm going to attempt to do it myself with the help of a good friend/ writing buddy, Katrina Glover. I just can't justify the outlay of funds at this point. But I do have a very short list of designers I like and will likely approach (again) when it's time to do something more professional.

That's enough blather for now, the next time I post I'll be doing so from my 'office'
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vanessa jaye said...
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vanessa jaye said...

I might have been a bit optimistic. It's 4 hrs later, the delivery guys have come and gone. The 3 bed looks much better, but there's still stuff to do and...

...the desk and chair have to be assembled. waaah!

Bed's made up, but there mis-sizing issues with some of the sheets, so I'll have to go do an exchange. *sigh*. And I'm missing some hardward to hang the drapery (but I don't have to repaint, the walls look white enough)

On the bright side, the bed looks sooo inviting and spa-scrumptious with al the fluffy white bedding and mountains of pillows. The kid took one look at it and called me bougie.


Anywho, think that's it for today. I'll write and do laundry, and I've got a couple of upcoming guest blogger posts to upload to Southern Fried Chicas, and...

Amie Stuart said...

hahahaaaaaaaa I'm glad you finally got it. I bought shelving for my closet, got it home and the shelve have to be cut *sigh* I'm debating. I wonder. I have a handsaw and surely taht would be easier than carting those damned things BACK to Lowes to get cut.....Ohhhhh and I got to use my new power drill/screwdriver =)

Amie Stuart said...

Just as soon as I figure out what the kids did with my tape measure!

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, don't even talk to me about shelving. I did the closet organizer thing in the kid's room while he was away over the New Year's weekend, and I still think I'm aching in spots from that.

On the other hand... power tools!! lol. Don't you just love'em. I'd advise against the hacksaw honey, that's a major expenditure of energy. You'll be cussing up a storm by the time you get to the second bar.

Just as soon as I figure out what the kids did with my tape measure!

Interesting how they get their hands on things, then swear up and down that they never touched it and don't know where it is.

I know some peeps think it's lame to ramble on in your own comments, but I'd rather do that than post another blahblahblah post. To wit: I decided to explore the wordpress website thing a bit more. I found a copy ::coughcough:: of Front Page that an associate made-- er, lent me, ::coughcough:: then went looking for a bunch of photos that I actually coughed (heh) up the money for (of the same quality of the photo in my blog header). I can't find those pics for beans (we're talking 3 -4 yrs ago when I first got this blog. I thought they'd be perfect for my site. The pc they were originally download on is long gone and I can't find the CDs I saved them on. *sob*

Amie Stuart said...

LOL The hack saw lasted all of three minutes before I grabbed my keys and headed out to Target to buy a B and D rechargable saw. Since i'm planning on putting a kitty door in, it wasn't a total waste of dollars. AND I got a new tape measure, all of which will be hidden from not so small children. Don't EVEN get me started on THEM and MY TOOLS *sigh*

Wordpres is SO easy. Good luck!

vanessa jaye said...

"..The hack saw lasted all of three minutes before I grabbed my keys.."

Yup. That sounds about right. lol. We had several branches fall off the old Elm tree in the backyard. They were so thick, I got a hacksaw to cut them up. After the first cut I'd had enough of that. I just propped the damn limb against built-in bench on the deck and jump on it. lol. Cracked the branches into several manageable pieces that way. ;-)

Rechargeable saw, eh...?

Amie Stuart said...

And it's small too..it'll even cut wood up to one inch thick :)

I can't even tell you how bad I want a leaf blower *sigh*

TEll the kid I am SO working Bougie into my next wip hehe

Amie Stuart said...


This one

vanessa jaye said...

"I can't even tell you how bad I want a leaf blower "

That, and a snow blower! I drool over those table saws with the different blade attachments. But we have not place to put either one. The tiny shed barely holds the mower and the kid's bike. That rechargeable saw looks sweet, tho'.

"..I am SO working Bougie into my next wip hehe"

I thought the same thing. lol. It's a charge he levels at me every so often when he thinks I gone a little too far, or expressed an in something a little too "posh" (according to him) in regards to decorating.

Amie Stuart said...

No more tools until I get a new bed :)

vanessa jaye said...

You'll get no argument from this corner. ::snuggles deeper under the duvet::


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