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Monday, June 11, 2007

In the last 2 weeks I've bought 6 books that were pretty much all DNFs (Did Not Finish), or BSs (Barely Started). The ones I didn't bring back for a refund were "skimmed read" at the most, or simply put down. For good.


In most cases, I didn't click with the author's voice. With others, I was half-way through the books when I realized it was a little too late for the plot to show up, and therefore it probably wasn't.....


Hopeless case that I am, I bought 3 new books today:

Rebecca Drake's DON'T BE AFRAID.

So far, so damn good. This author's voice really clicks. I'm only a couple of chapters in but I have high hopes that I've found another auto-buy author with this debut. Judging from the teaser bit on the first inside page, there's a fair bit of gore:

"The words screamed through her head as she stared at what had been Meredith Chomsky. She was haning by her hands and hair from the back wall. Her lower body was sprawled, legs akimbo, in the water, which was red.

It looked as if nails had been driven through her palms, which were shredding from the weight of her body. Her long blonde hair had been yanked up and also nailed, holding her head forward so that Amy could see the sightless red sockets where her eyes had been...

cool. *g* While it seems to be marketed as a straight suspense, and all the 'blurbs' are from other thriller/suspense writers--Wendy Corsi Straub, J.A. Konrath, Gayle Lynds-- I think I detect a slight attraction (romance) between one of detectives and the heroine. Yup. Just skimmed ahead, there's at least one lovescene. ::lights up cigarette:: *gg*

Just saw she has another release coming up.

Also picked up two books by David Wellington:

Monster Nation (zombies)

13 Bullets (vampires).

I know I've stated that I'm not that much into paranormal/vamps/ etc, but that's not strictly true. I like (or am drawn to), with few exceptions, the darker or more mainstream "horror" version of these subgenres, more than I am to the romance-genre mixes.

I'm fairly optimistic that these are going to turn out for me too. Every time I open these books to a random page and start skimming I'm quickly sucked in.

Oh, while I'm at it, I'll give a big fat slobbery "A" to Katie MacAlister's Noble Intentions.

I know I've just lost all credibility with some folks out there, but, well... shut up! *g* Seriously, I finished this book in one day and laughed out loud several times. In fact there was one place where I was reading while reclining on the sofa and I had to sit up because I just about choked, I was laughing so hard. I think the H/h represent one of my favourite romance couple 'types'-- stuffy, 'dangerous', rational hero who believes he can dictate proper behaviour to the heroine while barely being able to keep his hands off her, paired up with the impulsive--usually virgin--heroine who's going to save him from himself. A goodly dose of humour and sexual tension/love scenes and a great secondary cast of characters are the final touch. JAK does this team up a lot, which might go a long way in explaining why she's a favourite of mine/many.
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Jordan Summers said...

Let me know what you think of Wellington. I haven't read him yet. The suspense novel sounds good, too. Jordan, who needs more books like she needs a hole in the head....

Linda Winfree said...

I like the vamp/dark stuff when it's non-romance. For some reason, I can't wrap my mind around the vampire/horror/romance braiding.

Not much on zombie books, but I love that cover. May have to check it out. :-)

Jaye said...

I'm on page 142 of the suspense, and it's still going strong. The pacing and characterization. And the villian is an interesting character. Not evvvvviiiiil, yanno. I'm guessing he's a true sociopath. I'm also having fun trying to figure out who it is, since the author gives us lots of characters who could be the baddie. And the possible romance has been dailed waaay down, but the awareness is still there.

Aside from the enjoyment factor, in some ways this author is a writer's writer. She knows her craft. So while part of me is engrossed with the plot/characters, the other part of me is pure admiration.

'K, enough gushing.

I am looking forward to reading the Wellingtons. I've never read a zombie book before, but we're big fans zombie movies here at Casa Jaye. The synopsis of the vampire book sounded really interesting--the main protag is a hunter who killed all vamps except one.

I'll let you know. I expect the suspense will be finished in another day or so....

Jaye said...

So I finished. First off, there's no romance subplot. There are various relationship entanglements that are explored to interesting effect. I think somewhere past the half way mark some forward momentum was lost, when it should have been relentlessly ramping up to the climax over a longer page count. Still, an enjoyable read.

I'm eyeballing the Wellington books. I want to start them, but I don't want to read a vampyre story last thing before I go to bed. *g*

I'd be willing to check out the next release by this suspense writer, now that I have a better idea what to expect from her.

raine said...

Fans of zombie movies?? :-O

Lord, where do you find the time to read it all?!

Tara Marie said...

You had with you, thinking, "hmmm these sound good" right up until the Katie MacAlister book--yikes been there done that and wont go back for more--ever, ever, ever, again. :)

Jaye said...

Zombie movies, rock, Raine. Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days, etc. *gg* As for when I find the time to read? Mostly the commute into work. The trains tend to be more crowded than my previous commute (I'm lucky if I even get a seat) so it's not conducive to writing (which i was able to do--sometimes-on my previous commute). Writing or listening to my ipod, or both, seems to be the way to go.

Jaye said...

lol, Tara! That was my first MacAlister. I've heard that she's very hit or miss, and I believe it. I tried 2 other books of hers after I read Noble Intentions. One I didn't even get 10 pages into before I gave up. Men In Kilts I got about 1/3 through (because the hero was so freakin yummy, and who doesn't want to experience that whole love at first sight thing?) but I began itching for a plot/external conflict after awhile, so gave up on that also. I wouldn't mind trying The Trouble With Harry, but think after that I'll be done with Ms. MacAlister unless she writes another Historical Romance (that's not in 1st person.) Regardless, Noble Intentions remains on my keeper shelf. That shit was just too funny. (& HAWT!)

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