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Sunday, June 17, 2007

So there I was cruising the aisles of my friendly neighborhood chain-bookstore, when I came across a book with some eye-catching cover art. The author's name was featured prominently and I thought: "Geez, this name looks familiar, but I've never read one of his/her books." So I pluck the one with the most intriguing title off the shelf and flip to the back to read the blurb.

But there is no blurb--as in synopsis of story--instead I get a 'flattering' picture of the author plus his/her *bio* blurb: 'So and so is the author of PREVIOUS BEST SELLING BOOK, and OTHER BEST SELLING BOOK, and ANOTHER BEST SELLING BOOK. So and so was born/grew up in EXOTIC LAND, and attended PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY where s/he received DEGREE WITH A WHOLE ALPHABET STRING ATTACHED TO IT like a trailing roll of toilet paper behind a 'just married' getaway car. So and so has worked as a butcher, a baker, candlestick maker, chief bottle washer, and inter-galactic liaison to the imperial court of Xanac 12d-1 before returning to his/her first love, writing. So and So now resides at such and such state/county/city/town with spouse, kids, pets.


Who gives a F?

Sale? Lost.

I was just interested in the book. That specific book. I didn't need the cv. I don't want them to donate a kidney, I don't want to explore the possibility of a profitable marriage arrangement between our firstborns. I wasn't vetting them to join a super secret club. I just wanted to know about the freakin book. There is such a thing of too much information. And it ranges from salacious gossip to boring shit, that not even your kids/best-friend/significant other wants to hear more than 5 mins of, more than once a week.

To further break it down, *Too much info* starts to form a line right behind: the backlist, info re connecting books, when the next book get released and any upcoming book-signing/appearances (for peeps interested in that type of thing). Anything after that is drifting into TMI territory. Tread carefully, keep it brief. Or at least make that shit entertaining.
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Kerry said...

I couldn't agree more.

If I'm going to buy a book, I want to know what it's about. If I can't find out what it is about, I won't buy it.


As you say, sale lost.

Jaye said...

Kerry, stuff like this might work for the fan base, for whom the author is an auto-buy, but they're totally missing the boat on picking up a new reader. I think I bought 4 books that trip, it could have been 5 but I was so irked, I didn't even check out the other 10 releases this author had on the shelf.

raine said...

That's just...bizarre.

Dee said...

So then, when I become a big giant author, I should just make my bio say, "She grew up and turned into a writer. Ya want the book or not?"

Cool. I hate writing up those things anyway. :)

Jaye said...

Raine, it was worse than just having the author's picture because at least I would have known right away there wasn't any book info, but I kept reading cause I thought that eventually, after the bio, I'd get the synopsis. No such luck.

Jaye said...

LOL. Deedle. Now that's the type of bio that would make me read the book! *g* At least I'd know the book was going to be funny, if nothing else. :-P

Don't get me wrong, somewhere along the line idle curiousity will lead me to reading the author's bio, but to get a bio *instead of* the book's synopsis makes no friggin sense.

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