Well that SUXd

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Was anyone else watching Sopranos?!?!?!

'K, my tv went blank/black at 9:58pm, then the credits rolled.

That's it? Tell me I missed something.

If that had been a book, there'd be a big fricking dent in my wall right now.
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Linda Winfree said...

Jaye, I'd never seen the show, but I've heard moans of disgust everywhere . . .

Jaye said...

Lin, we aren't regular watchers, either. But there's been such buzz about the last episode that we just had to watch. Thank goodness we weren't regular viewers! I always thought ANGEL's last episode sucked. I was wrong, this took the cake.

Amie Stuart said...

I finally watched it on On Demand last night and all i can say is someone should be sleeping with the fishes. You're right about that dent in the wall lady

Gennita said...

I think, the final seconds is the answer to the question in the scene, "Do you think you hear it coming?" when Tony asked whether one would hear the bullet going into one's brain. Answer: Guess not. ;-).

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