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Saturday, December 09, 2006

But don't say I didn't warn ya (see post below). And to make matter worse, one of my goals this year was to move, preferably buy. So of course I wait to till last, and freakin busiest, month of the year to put all my frantic plans in action.

This morning, I *might* go to the gym, I must go to the bank. This afternoon, I have my RWA local chapter Xmas social (not sure if I'll make it, it's freezeyerassoff cold outside), and tonight is my company's Xmas party tonight. Yesterday I went out to dinner with yet another good friend who I was determined to "see" before Xmas, or I wouldn't see her again till next year sometime. We exchanged gifts and had a couple of Bellini's (which is why it would be a good idea to go to the gym. heh) Tomorrow I start making the rounds with my R.E Agent, who's also a good friend, and get some writing/plotting done. And sometime this week, I must start on my Xmas cards. And also going through our belongings to see what goes to the new house and what goes to charity.
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Amie Stuart said...

Good luck with the house hunt hon!

Jaye said...

Ah, Amie. I want to shoot myself. lol. Toronto real estate is very pricey. And like all first-time homebuyers, what I and and where I want to live, don't quite jive up with what I can afford. lol. *sigh* Thanks for the good wishes, sweets. :-)

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