Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I've been--and will continue to be-- a little scarce lately. Tis the season of business luncheons and cocktail parties, even though the deals never stop rolling in, while I'm away from my desk. (While I can weasle myself out of some occasions, others I have to show my face and do the schmooze thang. Have you ever seen me shmooze? Not pretty. Particularly, inevitable, the part where my foot ends up in my mouth.


Then there's the frantic scheduling with friends to meet up before Xmas/next year. This evening is case in point. Called one of my bestfriend's this morning to set up a dinner date, and turns out tonight is the only night we can get together. It's damn cold outside and I only got about 4 hours sleep last night, but I'm going....


I was over on Helen Kay Dimon's blog just now. She has a post up on recent sales (as reported by Publisher's Lunch) Here's the blurb on Majorie Lui's sale:

Marjorie Liu’s THE IRON HUNT, one of three books in the Hunter Kiss series of dark, sexy urban fantasies featuring a woman of unique powers whose body is covered in living tattoos — her own personal demons to call on when the sun goes down, who both protect her life and are destined to end it,

I totally realize that each author puts their own particular spin on things, nevermind the uniqueness of voice, but... I have a secondary character in my wip who is has powers related to his tattoos. Really not the same, but....

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Jordan Summers said...

Isn't that always the case, when you come up with a good idea? (shaking head) It's happened to me twice now, including the book I have coming out with Tor. Sigh.

Sela Carsen said...

((Hugs)) I've had that sick feeling, too. And I love MML, but I get the feeling that you've got a completely different spin on it. Don't worry and keep writing!

Jaye said...

Thanks for posting guys. I knew other writers would understand *that sick feeling* as Sela so aptly puts it.

You know what's really funny? If I had been inspired to put my own spin on the tatoo thing after reading about ML's idea I'd be pretty damn happy. lol. But when I think I have a super cool original idea, then it turns out that it's not quite original as I thought, I'm totally bummed. lol.

I'm over it now, btw. ;-)

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