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Friday, November 17, 2006

The new Bond movie ROCKS!!! Daniel Craig *owns* this role/character now. It's not a matter of *who* is your favourite BOND. He IS Bond! End discussion. (Yes, I still love the rest of them, Sean, Roger, and Pierce, but Craig's Bond is on a whole new level.)

Love the action (pretty much non-stop), the thrills, the chases (the very first foot chase is fan-freaking-tastic, jaw dropping, amazing) the fight scenes, the characterization, the dialogue/banter. The opening 'prologue' filmed in black and white was a clever take on old opening--where 'Bond' walks across the screen, then suddenly turns with gun in hand--and also a great introduction to this 'new' Bond.

Loved the romance, very *smart* lovely tender moments, great sexual tension. All characters came across as more real, and not *types*, lots of wonderful setting (omg! is Montenegro some sort of freakin secret?! Why the hell don't we hear more about that place, it's breath-taking! Love the fresh new look of the opening credits, but the music didn't make much of an impression. There were several places where the audience cheered and started clapping. Loved this gritty, 'thuggish' Bond, who was just acquiring the (very)thin veneer of charm/culture. There were some great one-liners there too (classic Bond staple, but without the cheeze.)

Craig is sexy is hell as Bond. Dangerous and intense, smart and capable, confident and witty, daring and tender. And dayum, is he in shape. All over. If you know what I mean. And i think you do.

I plan to see it again, and I can't wait to buy it and to see the sequel next year! Now I feel like pulling out my copy of The Thomas Crown Affair (the romance part of Casino Royale, had that same smart/sexy appeal.)

Great, Great movie! Do yourselves a favour and go see it. I could have sat through another two hours of it, no problem. It was that entertaining/good.

The trailers were pretty good too. On my radar to see (besides, Deja Vu) are:

The Pursuit of Happyness
The Good Sheppard
Mr. Woodcock
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Amie Stuart said...

I *believe* Montenegro didn't exist until the USSR broke apart. And a bit of trivia: it was a *fictional* Central American country in a Sandra Brown book before it existed LOL

I haven't seen a Bond movie since Sean Connery but this one definitely looks worth seeing!

Jaye said...

Oh, I know Montenegro was part of the former Yugoslavia, *gg*, I just meant it's so breathtakingly beautiful, I'm surprised we haven't heard more about it. :-p

That's so cool about Sandra.

Like the new gavatar, Amie. ;-)

'K, I just popped to check email, etc, got to skeedadle and meet up with my girlfriend. Hope everyone who happens to drop by today, has a great day! And if you have nothing planned for the weekend... go see Casino Royale!!!

Jordan Summers said...

Jaye, You know I loved it. I told dh that we're going to go to Lake Como, the Italian town in the end shot where Clooney owns a home. It was so beautiful. And Craig did own the role of Bond from start to finish. I heard the next one comes out in 2008. I hope they keep the same writers. So very smart without the cheese...a truly nice change for the better.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting to hate it. I am a huge bond fan. When they picked this guy I was sure he would be a sucky bond. But....it rocked. He rocked. He was.... yeah I can't almost say it..as good a bond as sean connery. Man I feel like I have betrayed the original bond..but it's true. This new guy was Sexy as all get out. Those blue eyes..just yum! Will go see it again, will buy it when it comes out. It was a totally kick ass movie.

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Jaye said...

Jordan are you sure the new one is coming out 2008? I heard they filmed this one and the next back to back to take advantage of the '007' in 2007. I guess I can wait .... if I have too.

That's another thing I really loved about this latest one, the variety of geographical settings, and you really got some great scenic shots and a good feel for the place(s). Ironically the only settings I didn't get a feel for was Miami and London, but I was wondering where we were when we met up with Mr. White again. Lake Como is stunning.

Cat, yup, Daniel Craig in Casino Royale had a Sean Connery in Dr. No vibe. And those blue, blue eyes of his really hit you every time, didn't they?

Jaye said...

I just got home from my day out with my friend. My feet hurt. But I'm happy. Saw some new dining room chairs that I just might spring for, and a bigger coffee table, but don't want to go for that because I don't know how much room I'll have in the new place. Our livingroom now is pretty big.

Ds needs a little help with a school project, then I'm going to see if I can get some writing done.

Amie Stuart said...

Oops sorry babe *blush*

Karen Scott said...

Casino Royale is actually one of the books that I have read, so I'm looking forward to seeing this tonight, blonde or not!

Jordan Summers said...

Jaye, I actually hope you're right about 2007. That would be terrific. :) It would mean I'd get to see Pirates, Harry Potter, 300, and Bond all in the same year. :D I still can't believe the Penguin movie beat him at the box office. What is wrong with people? :-/

Jaye said...

You know, Karen. I've never read a Bond book, but DS has a couple. I saw your post. lol. I think it's unanimous, Craig kicked ass on this one.

Jordan, they predicted that Happy Feet would beat out Bond, simply because it's a family movie (so more tickets sold on that basis--2 adults & 1-2 kids, rather than just 2 adults--and, even more importantly, HP was showing on far more screens. ;-)

Sasha White said...

The Penguin movie did good becasue peopel take thier Kids. But I'm with you all . Loved Casino Royale, and think cutting the cheez was an excellent way to put Bond on top again.

Shesawriter said...

Hey Jaye,

Happy Feet also did good because of its length. It's considerably shorter (1 hr 38 mins) than Bond (2 hrs 24 minutes), therefore, they were able to squeeze in extra shows. However, I predict Bond will pass Happy Feet simply because of word-of-mouth and repeat viewings. Everybody I've talked with so far has:

1. raved about the movie

2. told their friends, family, and aquaintances to go see it

3. said they plan to go back to the theater to see it again.

I know I am. In fact, I'm going tomorrow.

So when the box offices close for good, and the dollars are calculated, Bond will leave those birds in the dust. Big time.


Jaye said...

Sasha, you too? lol. I think just about everybody saw the Bond movie this weekend. And anyone who didn't will probably see it next weekend. I honestly haven't heard one bad word, except for a minor nit pick that the poker scenes could have been shorter. Don't know if I agree. Maybe they could have, but I had no problem staring into Craig's baby blues.

Jaye said...

Tanya, I never thought about the 'shorter film' and being played more often. (Although, imo, I could have sat through another hour of CR. heh.)

Compounded by the fact that Happy Feet was playing on 3800 screens compared with 3400 for Casino Royale (numbers apprx. Yahoo News is my home page) it's no suprise that the birds had an *initial* strong showing dollarwise.

But I agree with you Casino Royale is poised to blow those Penguins outta the water. lol. The likelihood of families going for repeated viewings of HF compared to adults seeing CR again, is almost nil.

We're seeing CR again on Thursday. ::drool:: Then I'll have to drool all over Denzel on the weekend in Deja Vu.

Sotheara said...

I saw Casino Royale on opening day and it's fucking AWESOME. I'm a huge James Bond fan (watched all the movies and read all the books)and Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery (my favorite). Craig is a terrific actor and he played the role with great seriousness it deserved. He's very rugged and has this cruel sexuality about him, and he has the most beautiful startling blue eyes. (drool) Definitley a movie you must see. I'm actually going to seen it again this Thanksgiving weekend and it's already on my "To Buy" list. Unfortunatley, Bond 22 won't be out until November 7, 2008. They've started pre-production while shooting CR. Hopefully, they will continue with this more "serious" Bond!

Larissa said...

I can't wait to see this movie!!!! To be honest, I don't expect to like the new Bond, but your review has made me think that he has a shot... *g*

Sasha said...

I liked the poker scenes. IF I had to nit pick it would be that the "idealistically happy" part towards the end was a bit shorter...since we all know that there had to be more to the story than that.

Did that make sense? I'm trying not to put any spoilers in. LOL

OH, and I can't wait to see THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

Jaye said...

Sotheara said: He's very rugged and has this cruel sexuality about him, and he has the most beautiful startling blue eyes.

Word. But *sob* on waiting till 2008 for the next one.

Jaye said...

Larissa, You. Are. Going. To. Love. It!!

Jaye said...

Sasha, I know what you mean, but I wouldn't cut a second from that part. :-P

Oddly enough, I was speaking to a guy at work who saw it on the weekend. He liked it a lot but didn't love it, and the reason he didn't was because of that part. He thought there was too much mushy stuff. lol At first I thought 'typical' guy. Then I thought, it was *almost* another movie in a way, but then I remembered that he'd been in a long term relationship and his girlfriend broke it off. So he's probably not into anything too romantic lately.

Jaye said...

Oh, yeah, looking forward to Pursuit of Happyness too. That's his real son, Jaden, btw.

Oh, Casino Royale was 1# at the box office in Canada. But #2 in the states. What's wrong with you people!? lol.

Sasha White said...

LOL Could be why I didn't like it either. I'm feeling cynical lately. LOL

His real Son? Didn;t know that, but love it!

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