Weekend Agenda

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'll be scarce this weekend because:

1. We see Casino Royale tomorrow! ::wigglewiggle:: Would you believe I haven't dipped my toe across the threshold of a movie theatre all year?! (Xmen, Pirates, Superman and a bunch of other movies, I'll be catching on DVD/rental) So I'm doubly looking forward to this.

Then Diane mentioned that Deja Vu kicked ass, so we might see that next weekend. Although, next weekend is fast filling up, too... :-/

2. Tomorrow is girlie day with one of my bestfriends. (yay!) We're both hard-core interior design junkies, so it'll be alot of furniture showrooms, little off-beat junk stores, and kitchen and bath places visited(she's moving into a new home in January, and I'm planning on moving in the new year too) rather than the expected spa-day, clothes/shoe shopping and lunch. My feet are already starting to throb just thinking about all the walking around we'll be doing. :-P

3. I'm taking the boy to see
raine said...

Ok, I'm exhausted just reading this. :-/
Congrats on the rockdom!

Tara Marie said...

Sounds like a busy one. I'm jealous, Wicked and the new Bond.

Amie Stuart said...

I'm exhausted too but I really want to see Deja Vu!!!!!!

Have a great weekend. I've got to write and clean...the kids and I are taking off for Galveston on Wed. for the holiday.

Sasha White said...

The shopping sounds like a great time!! Enjoy yourself, and put your feet up as soon as you get home! LOL

Shesawriter said...


I saw it today. Even blogged about it. Daniel Craig rocks!


Jordan Summers said...

We just got back from Bond. LOVED IT!!! Going to go see it again.

Canadian Dude said...

I hear that the Bond moive is the best yet. But, what I want to see is your review of Wicked. Give us the skinny after you've seen it

Jaye said...

LOL, you guys! I started to post that I was too tired to do a review of the movie, then started to do just that. lol. So I cut it from comments and pasted into a new post (which you've already seen above). But loved it!

And, yup, plan to see it again, Jordan. ;-)

I'm going into a coma after this weekend. lol. I'm such a homebody in many ways. But every once in awhile I go a little crazy and socialize/go out several days/evenings in a row. Then curl up in a fetus for a month. *gg*

Dude, for sure I'll be posting a review of WICKED. My only regret is not reading the book first. I've been sitting on those tickets since June, so I've been looking forward to this for months! Seeing this with the boy, is particularly poignant, because the very first muscial I took him to was the Wizard of Oz at the (then) O'Keef Centre, so bringing him to see WICKED 10 years later, when he's on the cusp of becoming a man, is sort of full circle. ::sniffle::

Lara said...

I loved Wicked, I'd totally see it again and again and again... The two lead actors (Elphaba and Galinda) were incredible.

Of course, I'm a geek for musical theatre. I guess I live in the right city for it... :)

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