Sunday, February 12, 2006

Karen tagged me with this yesterday.


current clothing: baby blue drawstring flannel pj pants and a baby blue baby-T.
current hair: very dark brown, skimming the shoulders, long layered bangs.
current mood: peaceful, a little tired since I just woke up.
current refreshment: Chai Green Tea.
current annoyance: At this specific moment? None.
current avoidance: paperwork.
current smell: Chai
current thing you ought to be doing: housework, writing, getting ready for the gym.
current thing or things on your wall: Two large, framed, black and white photos of street scenes in France.
current IM/person you're talking to: No one. I used to waste waaay too much time on MSN and weaned myself off. Now I waste time on the blogosphere. heh.
current jewelry: None. I strip off all jewelry before I go to bed.
current book: Last night I stay up and finished Patricia Gaffney's TO HAVE AND TO HOLD.
current worry: A couple of things I suspect will all work out in the wash, anyway.
current favorite celebrity: None.
current obsession: The pursuit of happiness. Mine.
current love: reading, excercising.
current longing: a dream vacation. 10 days min. No expenses spared.
current disappointment: I'm still not on track with my writing progress.
current lyric in your head: I'm the trouble starter, f**kin' instigator.
I'm the fear addicted, danger illustrated. I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter."
Prodigy's Firestarter (which is an awesome, awesome song to do cardio workout to. Very high energy. Infact, the whole THE FAT OF THE LAND cd will keep your energy level pumped for the entire duration.)
current music: Nothing right now, but all last week: Johnny Cash, Prodigy, John Lengend, Bump N' Grind (RnB compilation), Ottmar Liebert.
current favorite book: Anne Stuart's DEVIL's WALTZ
current favorite movie: True Lies, which I watched last week on TV and really, really enjoyed. I forgot how much fun that movie was.
current wish: Mo' money: which would facilitate several wishes coming true.
current happy thing: my teen son, who just woke up/got out of the shower, got dressed then went into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. Without me saying a word. ::blinkblink::
current undergarments: yes.
current desktop picture: Mushroom cloud on desktop at home (photo from Dr. Dre's AFTERMATH album--son's choice.) At work I have Joaquin Phoenix on the desktop.
current plans for tonight/weekend: I was very, very busy yesterday, gonna chill today.

So what are you currently doing?
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Anonymous said...

I am currently reading your blog while avoiding repairing the washing machine and waiting for my true love to come back from church to kick my sorry butt into motion.

But speaking of lyrics and tunes, I can't escape the from lyrics and music of Michlle Feist's: Inside and Out. Have you heard it?

Ok.. now I'm going to the washing machine

Jaye said...

I don't think I have Dude. But I'm really terrible with names of songs/bands. So maybe I have. Good luck with the washing machine.

Amie Stuart said...

Avoiding my novella like the plague it is!

current hair: About to change
current refreshment: Coke and a smile
current annoyance: Horny males with four legs
current avoidance: novella
current smell: VAnilla
current thing you ought to be doing: Novella.......
current book: Hissy Fit by MKA
current worry: It's all worry
current love: Chris
current longing: a dream vacation. 10 days min. No expenses spared.
current disappointment: I'm still not on track with my writing progress.
current lyric in your head: Some song by Cross Canadian Ragweed
current wish: Stickin' with Jaye's Mo' money
current undergarments: Brand psankin NEW
current desktop picture: Chris...
current plans for tonight/weekend: STupid Novella

Jaye said...

Good luck with the novella, Cece. YOu're an old pro at writing novellas, you'll do just fine once you get rolling. :-) (Course, now I have to check out Cross Canadian Ragweed. lol)

Amie Stuart said...

LOL well I'm doomed babe! I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday morning so progress yesterday was like ZIP!

I like CCR but honestly I can't describe their sound. I think they fall under Alt Country and they are definitely out of the mainstream.

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