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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I picked up this fun link from PBW and Karen. Found it interesting that Odil is the only on of my character names that the program pick up. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something. Or maybe Steph an eeeevil genius.

I've been up running errands since 8am and I'm just about to bop out of here again for my monthly Romance Writers local chapter meeting, which will last all afternoon. Our guest speaker is a cop, so the meeting should be really interesting.

Come out and hear Detective Constable XX of the Criminal Investigative Bureau. His topics will include Forensics, DNA and Criminal Investigation and Realities of Detective Work in Canada. Here's an invaluable chance to find out what goes on in the real world of Criminal Investigation.

I'll be sure to get his card/info if he offers. Odil's and Ibenré's stories both have a thriller/mystery aspect to them.

Then I have tentative dinner plans with a friend, but they were feeling sick yesterday, so that might be cancelled. To be honest, I wouldn't mind, it's been another hectic week and I'd just love to take it easy and maybe get some writing done. (Gasp! I said the "W" word.) <--there's a reason for that, but that's another blog post.

Later gators
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Sasha White said...

SOunds like a great speaker. LOl I could pick your brain after mayb? LOL

Writing would be good. Have a good day!

Jaye said...

email me anytime, Sash. It was more of a Q&A session. Interesting stuff, but nothing specific to me/my wips. :-P

Steph T. said...

I _am_ an evil genius, but my genius can only work on other people...I told you you need to pick Odil back up. No pressure or anything...

I forgot I did my cloud and never posted it....

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