Sunday, February 12, 2006

I just spent a couple of hours moving furniture from one room to the other--including the computer and desk, and changing a broken potlight (10' ceilings)--plus some general clean up. It's 1:36pm and all I've had all day is two cups of tea (which means, heading over to the gym is not a good idea.)

So now the computer is back in a corner of the livingroom, instead of a corner of the diningroom (I'm blessed with pretty large rooms in this apt). This is something I've been meaning to do for awhile now. At some point I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe a little Feng Shui was involved in my lackluster writing progress. There are a number of shitty things that have happened in the last couple of weeks that were totally out of my control. But of the things that were in my control--spending more time with friends, exercising, eating better, getting enough sleep, staying on top of the housework, setting goals and pursuing them, exploring other interests-- I've been doing really good. Without feeling stressed, or like I was juggling a million things. All except the writing. It still wasn't happening like I wanted.

Funny thing is, as I sit here and type in the new 'old' spot, there's just a sense of 'rightness'. We'll see how it goes. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a special place/spot for writing that 'feels' right. I don't mean it's 'quiet' etc, I mean 'right'. I've been doing quite a bit of spring cleaning since the beginning of the year, I just might look into this Feng Shui a little more.
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Jordan Summers said...

I'm very curious about Feng Shui. We unfortunately can't move the desks in our office due to space constraints, which is a drag since my desk 'feels' wrong. I know I'm violating Feng Shui rules by having my back to the door, but it's not possible to turn it. :-/

Jaye said...

I know there's something about not having your bed right in front of your bedroom door. Bad luck or something. I'm kinda wondering the placements of doors had something to do with the 'wrongness' of the old placement of the desk, plus the door the desk was facing opened to the outside/laneway that ran a straight line away from the desk. :-/ I'm tempted to pop out to the library right now for a Feng Shui book and check this all out. Too bad you can't toy with the orientation of your own desk.

Amie Stuart said...

My bed is in front of my door. If I move it does it increase my chances of getting...oh never mind. LOL Funny enough I've been doing a lot of cleaning since the new year including putting my desk back in the bedroom. THe dining room was all wrong and not just from a Feng Shui stance (Kids).

Jordan Summers said...

I know, I wish I could change my desk.

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