War of the Worlds

Thursday, July 07, 2005

We saw WAR OF THE WORLDS this evening. We didn't plan to; but we were running around doing stuff, decided to eat at a restaurant--which happened to be right next door to the theatre--and there was about hour till show time. So what the hell.

(Spoilerish stuff to follow…)

Loved it. I do agree with some grousing I've read re the unbelievable stupidity of the people standing around while the tripods burst through the ground and buildings are crashing down. d'uh. And why would anyone follow an army tank to the front lines? Tanker shooting missiles, going thataway? My ass is heading in the opposite as-far-as-my-ass-can-go direction. Soonest. This is fo'sheezy.

Aside from that, I think it was the realism that struck me. I could totally believe those tripods were really trampling around earth and the weird storms/lightening strikes that preceded their appearance. (okay, the buried in the earth stuff going undetected, was a stretch.) I remember Spielberg lost me in Jurassic Park II when the dinosaurs came here to our world, I just wasn’t buying it; but somehow I was able to suspend disbelief in this movie.

I also have some quibbles as to why the aliens came here in the first place. Jealousy? Envy? Food source? Extermination? All four reasons were presented at some point during the movie. Which one was it?—kinda easy to see those reasons are either in conflict, or don't make a lick of sense. heh. I have a few more nitpicks, but ultimately NONE of them spoiled the movie for me. I was ducked down in my seat, with bated breath, and eyes glued to screen the entire time. Talk about INTENSE.

As for Tom's character, I noticed a number of peeps saying he didn't have any character arc/growth. I respectfully disagree. He changed from a selfish, cynical/bitter, lackadaisical man/father. To someone who cared deeply, fought for, protected fiercly, listened to and made sacrifices for his kids. At one point the son accuses him of just wanting to dump them (the kids) on his wife--that was absolutely true. At the time. But somewhere in the journey it became less about dumping them and all about protecting, reaching out, claiming, and showing his love for them.

'K, enough spoilerish stuff. Plus I'm dead beat tired--going to hit the shower, then bed. Oh, I wrote 2 pages in longhand on my lunch on the main wip. Didn’t touch the novella, but I left off at a fairly exciting point, so I’m sure I’ll just jump right back in when I get around to it again. ;-)

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Sasha said...

I saw this the other day, and I completely agree about the Tom's character thing. His character grew up more than his kids did!! It was well done.

Nice review! :)

Jaye said...

Sash, this is exactly what I thought. Tom grew way more than the kids. And the son wasn't as whiney as peeps were saying. He was annoying, but also had his moments of change-- the ferryboat when he ran to help others on? And I guess his following the army had something to do with bravery (even after all he'd seen). Now Dakota's character was annoying. I understand, she's just a child, and a scared one at that, but the constant screaming? ::bites tongue:: She didn't change one iota, except that she did draw closer emotionally to her dad. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit unfair, she did scream when the aliens came around when she & Tom & Tim Robins were trapped together.

Sasha said...


I absolutely loved Dakota in Man On Fire, and in this one, yeah, SHe was annoying. I woulda smacked her. LOL Well, ok, I just waoulda wanted to smack her. As fro her not screaming, I think it wasn't growth so much as realizatin that she HAD to listen/trust her Dad.

The son, I coudl se whyhe wanted to follow them. I think it had to do with the courage thing, but also youth and impudence. Sort aliek the guys that join the Military as soona s there's a War. They love their country, they want to fight.

Maybe I'm seeing more than there was. Maybe he was just a typical selfish teenager. Except when it came to looking after his sister.

Also, maybe when he realized Dad was doing an ok job of protecting her, he felt it was ok to go. Because he did stop chasing the truxk after the first scene when Dakota yelled at him for wanting to leave her.

Kat said...


I saw the movie opening night. I enjoyed it. Well, actually, I enjoyed everything BUT the beginning and ending. Those ameboa lookin things and Morgan Freeman talking? Um, woulda rather seen some of the clean up/more wrap up than just leaving us with the aliens, you know...GONE.

In all, LOVED the special effects but it really reminded me alot of Independance Day (w/o as much story line/ character arc/ explanation).


:) Hi y'all

Dana said...

Hubby and I saw this the other night and you are right about it being intense! I didn't dare move during the entire film except to burrow into hubby's arm.

It had an vintage sci-fi feel to it and I think they did very well, except the ending. It was just too pat, you know? His wife and her parents didn't even look like the end of the world was upon them. How were they spared?

Jaye said...

***More Spoilers*** (lol)

Sasha, agree with everything you said about the son, 100% (by the way, my comment about following the tanks to the front line, weren't about the son. I noticed in the scene just before Tom & Dakota went to Tim's house that there were people (aside from the foot soldiers) who were running along with the tanks, heading *TOWARDS* the aliens. wtf?

Kat, I liked the amoeba thingie. I thought it was a cute nod and bit of symbolism.

I enjoyed ID, it was a great summer blockbuster type movie, and Will Smith is such a honey. ::grin:: But I think I like this one better. To each his own.

Dana, I wondered the same thing about the grandparents & wife. They seemed totally untouched given the magnitude of what was happening. And, even though Tom & Dakota came home, I was suuuuuure surprised to see the son there already.

Yes, to the retro-feel! On the way home were were discussing the possibilities with remaking Bodysnatchers. Now there's another alien invasion classic.

Sasha said...

I totally misse dthe pothers folowing the tanks! LOl Must 've been looking at the bottom of my empty popcorn bag wondering where it all went so fast. *blush*

Abotuthe parents thing, I THINK maybe it was becasue the trippods were dropping and falling over, and then getting blown up, at the edge of the city. It was probably supposed to show that they only go so far (not completely through Boston yet.) ?? Maybe?

As for the son, I was suprised to se ehim there too,. I figured it would be more dramatic if he wasn;t, but it was a hollywood HEA.

Also liked this one more than ID, even thoguh I adore Will, Baby!

Jill said...

Am waiting impatiently to see this movie. Oh and leaving off on the WIP in an exciting part so I'll WANT to write the next day is a fave trick of mine!

Amie Stuart said...

You know ya'l are just making me want to see it that much more LOL maybe sunday dependin gon wip PROGRESS

Jaye said...

Jill, I don't think I've every left off at the exciting part before. But it's literally one of those just before the other shoe drops moments. Now I'm wondering how the heck I was able to stop there.

You guys are going to love the movie when you see it. It's been a couple of days, and we're still talking about favourite scenes and characterization, etc.

Anonymous said...

I liked the film a lot, but what the hell was up with the ending? It had a cool resolution to the invasion, but WTF was up with the other part of the ending? Weak! I had to dock it half-a-phat:

My Review


P.S. Thanks for the link, yo!

Jaye said...

I read your review before, Pat. I luv your 'phats'. Really like your blog, period. No thanks needed regarding the link.

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