Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm reading 'Salem's Lot'. This is the second King book I've tried, and I like it a whole lot better than Dreamcatcher. There was one other story by him I loved, it was a novella and it was something about a thick heavy impenetrable fog rolling in, and out of the fog came these giant insects. ugh. Loved that story. (ooo, just noticed there's a dvd set for 'Salem's Lot....)

I started a novella (aimed at Black Lace, one of the Kensington romantic erotica/erotica lines, or wherever. I have a strong feeling it may not fit BL, it's a bit of a dark urban/fantasy.) It's the first time I've attempted one and so far so good. I got the idea yesterday afternoon, starting writing in the evening, and good two pages, single spaced down in a couple of hours. The story is only suppose to run about 10 single pages, so I'm already a 1/4 finished. heh.

And, I'm still working on the current novel. It's interesting how writing something different yielded results so quickly. I've also found with the current wip, that if I switch to pen and paper I get a lot more written, than if I work on the pc/laptop--where I get sucked into fleshing out and editing.

'K, enough blather; this is why I don't try and blog before leaving for work, it always takes more time than I intended. Excuse the typo, gotta jam. C-ya.
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Sasha said...

Way to go , Vanessa! Hot is definitely in right now!!

2 singel spaced pages! I'm so jealous, I just can't make myself sit and write right now. LOL Looks like another allnighter weekend for me to get my short story in on time. :)

Raine said...

I'll be curious to hear what you think. I don't like ALL the King stuff I've read, but Lot is kinda interesting...

And applause on the hot new read!

Jaye said...

But you'll do it, Sash. You've done it before.

I was soooo tempted to look up the DVD, because I'm pretty sure I don't really care of King's writing. Love the movies (even the VERY BAD Pet Semetary) though. But I'll keep reading until I start yawning/skimming ....

Canadian Dude said...

OMG....I just noticed the time of day that you post at. That's just not right.

Jaye said...

Oh, and most definately having fun with the novella. I think it's because I really like the story premise/structure and I'm not focusing on the sex stuff (which may sound like the wrong approach, but every time I've attempted romantica with 'sex' as the focus, I shut down creatively.)

Jaye said...

I know Dude (it's apprx 2hrs behind). I don't know how to fix it. What time zone are you set at? We're probably the same (or should be.... )

Steph T. said...

I'm a big fan of the pen and paper when I need to get a lot done - you're right about it enabling you to just keep moving forward vs. editing.

Salem's Lot is my favorite King read. I haven't seen the movie in forever, but it's good too. Though not as good as Carrie.

Jaye said...

Steph, I normally do pen & paper as an emergency measure type thing. You know, when you get struck by a brilliant plot twist, or a bit of dialogue, but you're nowhere near your cp and need to write it down? But with this book it seems to be the only way to make progress.

Not only did I like CARRIE. I, uhm, liked CARRIE 2. lol.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL@carrie 2. You know my feeling on pen and paper. =)

I can't remember the last king book I read--oh i started dreamcatchers but never finished it. which really isn't something new for me these days so i can't blame it on king.

I loved Christine(the book more htan the movie) and I've read a lot of the novellas. I do remember Children of the Corn--that movie scared the unholy BEJESUS out of me!
But Shawshank redemption (read the short story/novella first) and the Green Mile (when it was originally released in the small books--#2 was 1 I read it in the ER when he got pneumonia) get my votes for best (though not classic) king.

I had to read Salem's Lot twice and I've sene the movie(s) and still don't really get it. I get it but it's weird. But then I was reading king nearly 20 years ago so I've forgotten a lot. I KNOW I wanna read the new Koontz frankenstein book.

Ok I just wote a book and I really need to go eat dinner sorry Jaye

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