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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This was disturbing, yet facinating. (you can help her with your cursor if she gets stuck.) I think if the figure were a guy, or androgynous, it wouldn't be as disturbing.

This was interesting, yet, ultimately, boring after awhile. Reminds me of those trailing cursor/mouse tails on those sites with annoying music in the background you can't turn off and freakin unicorns, with anime eyes, prancing all over the place.

Both links picked up from Boing Boing.

Patrick Stack, predicts the the future.

I plucked this pic from Harris' blog. That's one HOTT tat. Maybe I should give Odil something like that...

Da Hawtness
click on the thumbnail for a bigger, close up view

**Edited to add:
Romance Junkie's has posted a fresh batch of entries.
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raine said...

Ohhhh, I LIKE that tatoo!!!

Danica said...

Yes, definitely odd... nice tattoo, though.

Kate R said...

ergh. I'm not sure about the tattered skin look on the tattoo though. It's a little too real.

Kat said...

Now, I'm not a tatoo kinda gal...but if a guy came up to me with that on his arm my response would be, TAKE ME!

Heya chica!


Canadian Dude said...

The falling women was bizare... where do you find this stuuff?

Sasha said...

Can you believe I clicked on EVERY link you posted. LOL

Agree with all you siad, disturbing, boring, and Nice Tat!!

Steph T. said...


I miss Odil. And I like that tattoo. Lots.

Jaye said...

The tat rocks, 100%.

But, Kate, the tattered skin is part of what makes that tattoo work--it's the 3D effect of the shadowing and drops of blood that take the art to another level. On the other hand, yep, it does make one a tiny bit skeemish at first glance.

The thing about that falling woman, is, I can't help going back and playing with her. And each time I do, it gets less disturbing. Talk about desensitizing.

Dude, sometimes I ask myself the same question. :-O

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