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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Michael Jackson Trial/ Smooth Criminal spoof

Tom Cruise's Scientology Center

The Purity Test

Which BATMAN Character Are You?
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Anonymous said...

Hey... " you crack me up" that was the best comment yet.... I'll have to figure out how to use that one. And, now you know what I do at work all day....LOL... Sorry folks...that's an inside yolk.

raine said...

"You are as pure as a Puritan. In short, this means that you're--congratulations!--not a slut...We hope you're not over thirty, because then you might have to kill yourself, or at least sell your genitals to somebody who will use them."


Genitals going up for sale soon...check your ebay listings shortly... :-(

Jaye said...

Dude I couldn't resist. It just seemed like the appropriate response to those ::koffkoffgroanerskoffkoff:: fabulous egg jokes you have posted on your site.

"You are as pure as a Puritan." Oh. Puleez. You? You cheated on that quizz, didn't you? gg. er, selling your genitals to somebody who will use them, sounds an awful lot like prostition; but, hey, that could just be me.... ;-)

Sasha said...

Raine, no way are you a puritan!! lol
I got the same as you, Jaye!

Amie Stuart said...

I got the same as Jaq....Dream go take it again, they must have had a glitch in their system *g*

Raine said...

Oh, ye of little faith...
I tell you I'm a Puritan, dammit!!
I can't understand why the fuck nobody believes me!!
(...apparently use of foul language did not disqualify me). ;-)

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