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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'll probably try and write some more before calling it a night, but thought I post my progress for the weekend. I haven't been feeling all that for the last couple of days (kept the Motrim close at hand) but did manage to write 4 pages on the wip yesterday, as well as fiddle with the novella. I ended up losing a 1/2 page of stuff on novella, but the pacing is better and the story, so far, is fleshed out more. Also, since I'm still at that 'exciting part' I'm not 'stuck'; so looking forward to pushing ahead.

As for today, I mostly did chores, and hung out on a patio with a couple of friends for a few hours. But I did manage to redeem myself by whipping something up for Stella Cameron's Scarlet Boa Contest (the entries are blind). It's with my cps currently. I just want to keep writing now that I seem to have found some momentum. ::grin::

Hope the week-end was good to ya!
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Anonymous said...

It's too dam hot to do anything but flop on the couch. Good luck with the Boa thing.

Kat said...

That's 4 more pages than I did this weekend, girl!

WTG! Feel better soon!

Sasha said...

Ya did awesome!!

Keep it up!

Michelle said...

Good job on the pages! :)

Jordan Summers said...

Good luck in the contest!

Jaye said...

Thanks, guys! I really like the scene/premise I came up with. And, with the possibility of getting a novella from it, I already feel like a winner. :-)

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