Fear Me!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I just made Linda my toffee chewing beeyotch. lol.(Pick up the soap, hon)

vanessa jaye
is a
Tripe-Eating Robot Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 5.0

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat vanessa jaye, enter your name:

**Yes, I AM writing.
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raine said...

Food-Eating Battle Monkeys!
raine weaver
Fruit-Eating Magic Monkey

Battle Rating : 8.7
vanessa jaye
Tripe-Eating Robot Monkey

Battle Rating : 5.0

raine weaver wins!

(read it and eat, baby!)

Canadian Dude said...

canadian dude
Gravel-Eating Capuchin Monkey

Battle Rating : 5.6
vanessa jaye
Tripe-Eating Robot Monkey

Battle Rating : 5.0

(I win by a hair... don't beat your head against the keyboard... love the rain... hope you are getting some too)

Jaye said...

Excuse me? A 'fruit' eating 'magic' monkey, beats a Tripe Eating Robot monkey. Have you seen cooked tripe? Nevermind I'm a freaking robot! I'll slot this result in with your 'Puritan' one. hrmmph.

Dude, we've been getting rain off and on since 5am. The air is thick with it. What a relief. The weather has just been brutal.

Sasha said...

S'ok V. Your Tripe eating robot monkey beat my tripe eating FLYING monkey. 5.0 -4.7 LOL

raine said...

Ah, well, jealousy is a petty emotion...
But I can forgive you because I'm pure of heart. ;-)

Larissa said...

My gravel-eating monkey beat yours, 6.9 to 5.0. Mmm, gravel....

Steph T. said...

Stephanie the Banana-Eating Cowboy Monkey beat Jaq's Robot Monkey

Battle Rating : 6.8

(but I didn't beat Larissa :()

Anna Lucia said...

Ha1 My muesli-eating assasin monkey has a battle rating of 6.6...

Jaye said...

Looks like my 'robot' monkey was manufactured with leftover auto parts (Pacer, Pinto, Vagas, Gremlin...) :-P

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. My Gravel-Eating Rage Monkey - battle rating 7.6 - absolutely flattened your wimpy, but cute, tripe-eating robot monkey. Why? Because Rage Monkey hates tripe with a passion.

Jaye Patrick

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