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Sunday, July 17, 2005

1959 V 1975AANthe infamous umlautSS version 1a
J SprayA is for anarchyRadio City \E

vAN is for NeglectedESpinkSa
jack of spadesAY version 2B&We

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Anonymous said...

It defintely says somethng about you.... I'm just not sure what?

Amie Stuart said...

Writing my ASS!!! LOL but i spent all afternoon watching Alias (after i wrote six pages--ahem!)

Jaye said...

ahem. Observe if you will, the writing progress bar to your left for the novella The Lost. Yesterday I started this story from scratch. Actually, lets just say I started a new story, since the only thing I really kept was the fairy tale premise. I did 980 words yesterday. Today, my final word count is 2490. That's right single spaced, NTR 12. I just reformatted the pages to standard ms, and ya know what I got? 10 pages in two days! So there, I was too writing. :-P*~*~*~

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